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Jimmy Jollois

Partner | INSA Lyon

Sylvie Bourden

Senior Manager | ENSIC

Guillaume Pellen

Manager | Centrale Lille

We have been supporting our customers in their operational digital transformation for over 25 years.

Jimmy Jollois

Partner | INSA Lyon

Jimmy begann seine Karriere 1999 bei Deloitte Consulting, später umbenannt in Kurt Salmon. Er hat an Themen zur Leistungssteigerung in den Bereichen Forschung und Entwicklung sowie Supply Chain für Kunden aus den Bereichen Automobil, Luftfahrt, Transport und B2B-Dienstleistungen gearbeitet. Anschließend wechselte er zu Themen der digitalen Transformation, indem er 2011 an der Entwicklung des Beratungsunternehmens OCMA Group mitwirkte. Jimmy kam im Juli 2015 zu Mews Partners, um Angebote im Zusammenhang mit IT-Performance und digitaler Transformation zu entwickeln, einschließlich Aspekte im Zusammenhang mit IOT und Industry 4.0.

Sylvie Bourden

Senior Manager | ENSIC

Guillaume Pellen

Manager | Centrale Lille

Industry and logistics 4.0 bring new solutions to meet historical challenges and introduce new ones. They not only make it possible to optimize asset availability, manage activity in real time, ensure traceability or reduce the physical burdens of operations… but also to develop new services and business models based on the analysis of customers’ real uses and expectations, make the product evolve after the sale, or support mass customization (the elusive “batch of one”).


billion euros invested in 2020


directors ready to use Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 Clubs

Our knowledge and our ecosystem at your service

40 of our consultants and managers have analyzed the evolutions of major technologies since 2015. We participate in several European Projects to go beyond the state of the art on topics like predictive maintenance or connected products. Our partnerships with various technological players (start-ups, institutions, publishers, integrators…) complete our offers and knowledge while preserving our independence. Our Lab enables the implementation of PoCs exploiting the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Our major areas of expertise

What we work on:

  • The definition of new services or offers
  • The implementation of digital continuity in industrial IS
  • The deployment of MES tools or IIoT platforms
  • The integration of 3D printing in the production and distribution processes
  • The integration of artificial intelligence in industrial use cases.

We support you in driving a sustainable 4.0 transformation

Our approach: build a step by step plan towards industry & logistics 4.0. Our action is divided into 5 major steps to meet your ambition and accompany your rise in maturity.


Assess your company's digital maturity

The objective: understand the starting point of this transformation. A diagnosis makes it possible to evaluate the industrial and digital maturity of the company (or site) on industrial and logistical processes, as well as its “digital culture”.


Build your company's 4.0 vision

The objective: define the purpose of this transformation, where it should lead you. Together, we identify the drivers and key business challenges in order to create a cross-functional vision of the company over 5 to 10 years.


Identify the relevant technologies

The objective: see through the “hype” surrounding new technologies. We identify technologies that can meet business challenges taking into account their maturity, impact, and implementation effort.


Define the roadmap to reach your goal

The objective: define in practice how to reach your goal. We identify the topics/projects to be carried out in order to define a structured roadmap, with the assessment of its impacts on organizations, processes, methods and people.


Support its implementation

The objective: ensure that the expected results are achieved for each project. We support the testing of technologies through Proofs of Concept, verify the associated benefits, and support their implementation.

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