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Nicolas Desombre

Partner | CentraleSupelec

Sylvie Bourden

Senior Manager | ENSIC

“Our tools and methods allow to quickly identify levers of performance and facilitate their implementation involving the key actors on the ground.”

Nicolas Desombre

Partner | CentraleSupelec

Herr Desombre hat an der École Centrale Paris studiert und bekleidete in den ersten neun Jahren nach seinem Abschluss betriebliche Positionen in der Automobilbranche. Im Anschluss daran arbeitete er zehn Jahre lang beim Beratungsunternehmen PwC. Seit 2016 verstärkt Nicolas Desombre als Partner die Operations Practice mit seinen Supply-Chain-Kenntnissen aus der Industrie (Lean-Ansatz, Kostensenkung, Prozess-Reengineering). Als zertifizierter Coach (Executive Coaching – HEC) ist er auch für die Executive Coaching Practice verantwortlich.

Sylvie Bourden

Senior Manager | ENSIC

Planning, scheduling of operations, preparation of orders, production order, transportation, quality control, etc. these so-called execution processes are fundamental to ensure the quality and the level of service expected. We work  on their effectiveness with the teams that run them. Remove activities, improve interfaces, outsource, equip, digitize some activities… are all considered as levers. Above all, what matters are the women and men who operate these processes. We work with them in situ to get their engagement and consider realistic levers. Our commitment often leads us to support implementation projects, to test solutions and ensure their sustainable roots. Mews Partners customers value this ability to make the connection between the steering committees and the teams on the ground.


increase in productivity


increase in transport purchase


warehouse start-ups in 2 years

What are the gains expected from execution Supply Chain projects?

All our delivery Supply Chain projects are supported by an economic analysis called “Business Case”. It determines the gains expected from the project. These gains can be translated into productivity gains or capacity gains. The “Business Case” sets the goal at first then follows gains achieved according to the progress of the project and the implementation of the performance actions plan. We believe that our interventions should generate at least 15% gains for our customers on the analyzed areas.

Methods and tools developed in-house by Mews Partners

Mews Partners consultants have developed their own tools and methods to drive Supply Chain performance projects. First, we have an issue benchmark costs basis of funding over 100 projects. This basis is made available to our clients during the phases of analysis. Then we have Lean & Agile tools developed in-house to work with field teams: grid maturity, process analysis, matrix stakes & accessibility, KIDs (Key Interface Datas),… We train our customers to use them.

We offer several methods of intervention

We articulate our approach around 4 types of intervention. From the assessment phase of the gains to the definition of the plan of action and implementation phases. We also support our clients specifically on phases of outsourcing logistics and transport.


Savings estimation: “Business Case”

We evaluate the gains to expect on the perimeter of the project (scheduling, logistics, transportation, etc.)


Actions plan definition

We work with operational teams on the performance actions plan.


Implementation support

Over time, we support our customers in the implementation phases.


Make or Buy

We support phases of Supply Chain outsourcing: warehousing, transport, etc.

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