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European R&D projects: Boosting industry innovation and Beyond


Innovation and R&D play pivotal roles in our economy: they are major levers to maintaining industry competitiveness, building a greener society and creating skilled jobs. Cognisant of the importance for EU to boost innovation, the European Commission has supported European R&D for nearly 40 years…

Space data: the golden age


New space, downstream sector, space data, …: an expert view on how space capabilities are being operated and exploited.

Industrial agility to overcome crisis


How are manufacturers coping with the challenges arising from the health crisis and where do they find the source of their resilience and agility?

Design to Green: on the way to the Green Aircraft


Whatever the means of transport considered, car, helicopter, boat, drone…the leitmotiv is now “reduce emissions”. Aircraft, of course, are no exception to the industrial challenge of the 21st century.

How to implement and maintain a Quality Management System?


The Quality Management System (QMS) is essential to provide a structuring framework and effective governance of operational performance, for which it addresses several levers for improvement.

Which opportunities for purchasing in this crisis period?


Based on industry best practices and recent innovations, we have identified four growth levers that need to be activated to transform the purchasing and procurement departments.

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