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Digital opportunities & roadmap

Companies in the digital age

The digitalization of a company, activity or product requires pragmatism, ambition and vision in order to identify the right candidates. It is about having an agile approach, adopting the right level of disruptiveness with the optimal “transformation/result” ratio and bringing together energies and skills in the same direction.

Our consultants and Data Scientists support you in the identification and implementation of Proof Of Concept/Proof Of Value, in the industrialization of solutions, as well as in the strategic thinking and realistic roadmap construction phases.

Digital opportunities & roadmap

With the emergence of new business challenges and new technological opportunities, how to build a relevant and realistic roadmap?

Industry & logistics 4.0

The convergence between new needs (Connectivity, Personalization, Instantaneity) and new technologies (IoT, IA, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing, etc.) is transforming the industry throughout the product value chain.

Omnichannel & customer experience

Focusing on customers is a major challenge for companies. Improving customer experience and offering an omnichannel vision have become essential levers for building loyalty and increasing revenue.

Digital continuity

New technologies, innovative processes and tools, equipment interconnection, IoT: the stakes of tomorrow’s companies are focused on data exchanges. Digital continuity is an essential part of the current business transformation.

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

AI is now everywhere: in homes, with intelligent conversational agents, in cities, with the introduction of autonomous cars on a trial basis, on the Internet with browsing that considers your preferences, but also in companies…

Mews Data Factory

Being on your side in the business interpretation of your complex data.

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