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Yannick Gourdon

Senior Manager | ISAE

Jean-François Paillard

Manager | Centrale Lille

Collaborating and sharing qualitative information are top priorities for our industrial customers. Digital continuity is a business project that goes beyond the IT department.

Yannick Gourdon


Jean-François Paillard

Centrale Lille

Enable rich and dynamic exchanges, provide a complete and reliable vision of the company’s activity, support decision-making both in the medium term and in real time: so many issues addressed by the subject of digital continuity.

The ERP/MES/PLM trio has often led to the creation of complex interfaces hindering the flexibility of the overall Information System. New technologies combined with a reorganization around data management make it possible to fluidify and secure the transmission of information throughout the value chain.

Mews Partners supports its clients in developing the agility of the information system, rationalizing data management and implementing data platforms (IoT) consistent with the enterprise architecture.


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Digital continuity, the keystone of operation and maintenance performance

The digital discontinuities are mainly located between engineering and production, causing inconsistencies between engineering drawings and parts actually produced. By linking design, industrialization, manufacturing and product maintenance, achieve your goals of agility, knowledge management and traceability.

An end-to-end product vision at the service of design

Data related to the use of your products (customer reviews, conditions of use, breakdowns, etc.) to its manufacture (materials, climatic data, production stoppages, etc.) are all keys enabling your R&D to be more efficient and gain in maturity in order to offer better products to your customers.

Knowledge of technologies and business expertise, two assets to support you in your digital continuity projects

Technological breakthroughs in recent years tended to increase both the creation and use of data. In order to ensure the uniqueness, veracity and availability of the data used, data management throughout the product life cycle is a strong strategic axis for companies in all sectors: improving customer proximity, accelerating industrial maintenance, reducing cycle times, etc.

Mews Partners has acquired business expertise and technology knowledge on digital continuity issues. We propose our know-how and methods to help you in the framing and the implementation of your projects.


Discontinuities Management

Identify the information required throughout the product life cycle.
Identify activities that lack tools and breaks between the company’s divisions.
Build a corrective action plan.


Master Data Management

Ensure continuity and quality of information between the different data fields of your company: products, customers, processes, production.


Internet of Things

Define and support the implementation of data platforms for Internet of Things. Identify the technical constraints (protocols, technologies) and budgets in order to define a roadmap.


Plant of the future

Take into account new business challenges and new technologies to transform the means of production: real-time information feedback, 360° simulation, interconnection between machine tools and information systems.


Digital twin

Integrate all the company’s businesses around a digital product-process-plant model: R&D, production, sales, maintenance…
Exchange information and reduce the risk of error.

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