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Jimmy Jollois

Senior Partner (Paris) | INSA Lyon

Mikaël Pichavant

Senior Partner (Paris) | ENSTA

“A digital roadmap makes it possible to unite all players around a solid and shared vision, while promoting synergies between the various initiatives.”

Jimmy Jollois


Jimmy began his career in 1999 at Deloitte Consulting, later renamed Kurt Salmon. He has worked on performance improvement issues in the R&D and supply chain fields for clients in the automotive, aeronautics, transport and B2B service industries. He then moved on to digital transformation topics by contributing to the development of the OCMA group consulting firm in 2011. Jimmy joined Mews Partners in July 2015 to develop offerings related to IT performance and digital transformation, including aspects related to IOT and Industry 4.0.

Mikaël Pichavant


Mikaël began his career in 1998 at Pea Consulting. After 3 years’ experience in Chain Design, he specialized in Supply Chain and leads both performance improvement missions, in warehouses or factories, and strategic missions to define master plans. He is specialized in retail and e-commerce since the early 2000s and also manages digital transformation offers. Mikaël co-founded the Operations practice in 2010.

The establishment of a digital roadmap must become a strategic activity that will guide the evolution of the company and the products and services that it offers on the market. This roadmap must take into account the company’s medium to long-term challenges, the maturity of the solutions considered, the company’s ability to evolve towards the proposed solutions and the positioning of key competitors on the market.

The need to adopt a digital roadmap

The digital roadmap must be part of the company’s master plan and benefit from high-level sponsorship. It must be established in consultation with the management, the business lines and IT. A detailed knowledge of the market’s digital solutions as well as feedback from the sector’s industries is a key element to feed into the reflection. In addition, a diagnosis of the company’s digital maturity will also help to establish the most appropriate strategy, both in terms of technical choices, development approaches and scenarios.

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