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Mikaël Pichavant

Senior Partner (Paris) | ENSTA

Charles Turri

Partner (Paris) | Mathematics/Finance

“Since the intensification of e-commerce, we have supported the transformation of companies from a product/service vision towards a customer-oriented vision.”

Mikaël Pichavant


Mikaël began his career in 1998 at Pea Consulting. After 3 years’ experience in Chain Design, he specialized in Supply Chain and leads both performance improvement missions, in warehouses or factories, and strategic missions to define master plans. He is specialized in retail and e-commerce since the early 2000s and also manages digital transformation offers. Mikaël co-founded the Operations practice in 2010.

Charles Turri


A graduate in Mathematics and Finance, Charles has ten years’ experience at Axelboss Consultants, followed by three years at the Open digital services specialist and two years at PEA Consulting. He joined the Operations practice in 2014 to bring his experience of international supply chain projects and his knowledge of the retail, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. Specialist in forecasting and planning topics, Charles also teaches at Paris Dauphine University since 2003, and today more specifically for the Master 2 in Supply Chain.

Sales and distribution processes must become interactive with the customer. It is no longer enough to propose a solution, it should be adjusted to the customer’s wishes in order to offer more than just a product or service.

The product itself is no longer differentiating. It can be found very easily in multiple channels. Manufacturers and retailers must therefore innovate by offering a unique customer experience that can be expressed in different ways:

  • product customization
  • additional service beyond the product
  • purchase convenience/omnichannel product return…

Understanding the customer’s expectations with regards to experience must become an essential phase in the market launch of a product.


omnichannel customers


loss of customers for bad service


Digital Retail Clubs

Omnichannel: a lever for customer satisfaction

Omnichannel consists in offering the customer a variety of access to your products/services while having a seamless experience across the various channels: phone, store and internet. Omnichannel has two main assets: by making the consumer’s life easier (it improves their satisfaction and therefore their loyalty to your company) and by establishing a direct relationship between you and them (you can exchange key information, without any prism). This will improve the product, services and marketing you are offering.

Retailers and manufacturers are impacted

Improving customer experience and implementing an omnichannel strategy are not just for retailers. There are many stakes for the industry: connect with the consumer to get feedback on products, better know their habits, facilitate the aftersales service, propose customizations are actions that enhance fidelity and turnover.

Customer vision at the heart of our approach

Our methodology: support you in the definition of your omnichannel strategy, decline it into pragmatic projects and place the customer experience at the heart of the design of these projects.


Define the stakes of your omnichannel strategy

Working with business directors and general management allows to identify opportunities and wishes of evolution. Feedback from Mews Partners and market watch adds value to exchanges and brings out a strategic direction for the omnichannel management.


Define the roadmap to reach the objectives

We identify subjects/topics to be carried out in order to reach the defined omnichannel roadmap, while evaluating impacts on organisations, processes and information systems.


Choose the appropriate partners and technologies

We identify the technologies and partners that  can respond to business issues by taking into account their maturity, impact, and implementation effort.


Design projects, driven by customer experience

We support you on the design of the target processes by putting the customer experience at the heart of the stakes.

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