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R&D Performance

R&D Performance

How to innovate and design new products and services in 2020? The ever-increasing competition requires the renewal of the industrial offer. Digital technologies bring their share of opportunities, but also of new challenges. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to control innovation, product complexity, robustness and costs by ensuring the time to market.

Supply Chain Management

Defining your Supply Chain strategy means above all making the customer the center of the project: understanding their current needs and anticipating their future expectations to offer and deliver them customized, reliable and competitive services.

Product Lifecycle Management

Product design is becoming more complex, driven by the multiplicity of requirements, new technologies, the heterogeneity of supplier networks and regulatory overload. To strengthen diversity, promote product lines, and ultimately master this complexity, a renewed PLM is essential.

Lean & Agile

How to accelerate the time to market of products, maximize their value and performance while embedding teams? The new industrial challenges require us to deliver quickly and regularly and make teams responsible for their commitment.

Operations Performance

Be able to support our customers on the ground is key for Mews Partners. We work with teams to find levers of performance, competitiveness and improve the quality of the Supply Chain, logistics and transportation execution processes.

Procurement performance

Procurement is your best ally to secure relationship with your suppliers and reduce your costs. Consolidating your structure, digitizing your processes and positioning CSR at the heart of your eco-system are key to increase procurement performance.

Transformation & Change

Our scope of competence: transform and align the operating model with the strategic vision while growing the business profitability. Our robust methodology will support you in meeting these challenges.


How to reinvent innovation management? The rules of the game are constantly evolving in a world that is increasingly complex, more connected, faster and more exposed to systemic phenomena. Adapting to it puts innovation under strong constraints and requires reinventing its management.

IS Strategy & Management

The digitalization driven by business needs and new business models is putting IT systems and the governance under stress. The IT department must organize itself in order to address these new value opportunities and to respond in a reactive manner.

Private Equity – EBITDA & Cash Performance

Ensuring the strength of Operations is key to successful equity investment. Value creation levers can be activated throughout the life cycle of an investment to achieve expected returns.

Environmental performance

Through their actions on the consumption and production of goods and services, companies are playing a key role in controlling environmental impacts. Sustainable development must be seen by industry as a real opportunity instead of a restrictive framework.

Management & HR

In a VUCA world, organizations, which have become increasingly complex and subject to ever heavier constraints, must constantly adapt. Those who succeed in doing so know how to mobilise their employees and make them actors of their transformations. 

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