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Stéphane Gautrot

CEO | Polytechnique

Antoine Klein

Partner (Paris) | UTC

Pierre Bodin

Partner (Munich) | ICAM/ESSEC

“Our passion for industry and its transformation delivers its full value in the major challenge of environmental performance, together with your teams”

Stéphane Gautrot


Stéphane is an engineer with a degree from Ecole Polytechnique and ENSTA. He started his career at the DGA (Ministry of Defense) in engineering studies and then project manager positions. He acquired experience in a consulting firm and operational experience as technical director of an aeronautical establishment. He strongly contributes to the development of the Innovation, Performance R&D and the Artificial Intelligence and Data offers. He is involved in several projects in these fields, both for large multinational groups and for medium-sized industry companies. He is the CEO of Mews Group.

Antoine Klein


Antoine started in 1990 in operational consulting in the automotive and luxury sector. He then developed a long collaboration with leaders in the food & beverage industry and cosmetics (Danone, Sodiaal, Coca-Cola, L’Oréal) in the fields of operations strategy and performance in Europe and internationally (China , Russia, USA, Australia, Mexico). After an entrepreneurial experience and 4 years as Partner of a large IT consulting firm, focused on digitalization and its impacts on manufacturing organizations, he joined Mews Partners in 2021 to develop the operations transformation offer and the agri-food / consumer goods segment.

Pierre Bodin


After a general engineering degree & a master’s degree in International Business, Pierre began his career in Management consulting in 2005. After 10 years at Bearing Point, then Kurt Salmon, he set up the Innovation & Product Development Practice at Weave, and joined Mews Partners in 2016 in order to contribute to the development of our footprint in Germany. Pierre has great experience in the industry, mainly focused on development processes improvement through Agile & Lean methodologies, as well as on Product & Process data management (PLM), from maturity assessment to implementation.

Driven by growing awareness, soaring costs and ever-increasing regulations, industries must rethink their entire business. It is a question of repositioning the company needs (products and services) and the means that are put in place to fulfil them (technologies, methods and tools, skills, partnerships).

Transformation requires the participation and commitment from everyone. Whether on a strategic or operational level, Mews Partners can support you in your approach to enable you to fully integrate the methods, tools and skills necessary to effectively take into account the environmental dimension across the entire the value chain.


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Our convictions

A deep transformation of the company is vital, as well as a continuous improvement process.

Objectives and communication at the highest level of the company as well as very concrete operational actions in the different sectors and sites of the company are needed.

A level of effort and involvement of the different sectors of the company (marketing, R&D, purchasing, production, services, etc.) is required and needs to be prioritised according to the levers identified.

There is great need to develop evaluation, arbitration and budgeting systems to integrate this new dimension.

Challenges and regulatory framework are specific to each sector of activity

Your roadmap must include a good understanding of:

  • These challenges and the regulatory framework
  • The maturity of the company and its environment (management team, employees, partners, etc.)
  • The risks and opportunities specific to the company’s main product and service lines

An offer based on 3 main axes

We have the capacity to mobilise the multiple areas of expertise (business, energy, technical, financial, human, project) necessary for effective support on these complex topics, by positioning ourselves as an integrator of these different skills.

We are developing a network of partners able to provide these skills and with whom we are building a lasting relationship.


Define & structure

  • Define the ambition and build the sustainable business roadmap

Study & implement operational action levers

  • Improving the energy performance of industrial sites
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of the supply chain
  • Eco-design products and services
  • Circular economy, impact on product, site and sector level

Organisational transformation

  • Identifying roles of tomorrow and supporting the development of skills

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