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Olivier Feingold

Managing Partner Innovation | ENSEM

Jean-Sébastien Gros

Partner (Paris) | Polytechnique & Supaero

Rémy Dubois-Gaché

Manager | Montpellier Business School

“Our approach to innovation is concrete: focusing resources on important issues and overcoming all obstacles, from the idea to its realization.”

Olivier Feingold


Olivier first held operational positions in industry (energy, electrical equipment) as an industrialization engineer, quality manager, PLM project manager, product development project manager. He joined Mews Partners in 2002. He provides numerous expert assignments relating to the performance of development processes, the implementation of Data Driven organization and information systems management, in the energy, aeronautics, shipbuilding, automotive, electronics and equipment sectors. He manages Mews Innovation.

Jean-Sébastien Gros

Polytechnique & Supaero

Jean-Sébastien est diplômé de l’Ecole Polytechnique (X 1995) ainsi que de Supaero (2000) et du Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures en Ingénierie des Affaires (2000). Passionné par l’innovation et la technologie, il débute sa carrière dans la R&D chez Sagem Défense et Sécurité où il exerce des responsabilité d’ingénierie système et de management de projet dans les domaines de l’aéronautique et de l’optronique. Il poursuit son parcours industriel chez Valeo en tant que chef de projet sur des modules innovants dans l’éclairage automobile. En 2007, Jean-Sébastien s’oriente vers le conseil en stratégie d’innovation puis, en 2013, rejoint Mews Partners où il intervient sur la performance de la R&D et de l’innovation, notamment pour des produits complexes.

Rémy Dubois-Gaché

Montpellier Business School

Innovation is not just one great idea. It is the result of a complicated journey, full of difficulties linked most of the time to “friction with reality”: external reality (market, users, competitors, suppliers) but also internal reality of the company, always complex, where the different stakeholders have diverging cultures, habits and objectives. However, the uncertainty inherent in innovation undermines the usual regulatory mechanisms; this explains why failures are so frequent. Moreover, globalization combined with the digital revolution amplifies and accelerates the phenomena of adoption or rejection of innovation. At Mews Partners, our commitment is therefore to approach innovation from a systemic and integrative perspective, focusing on key areas in a concrete and operational way.


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How to control the innovation process?

To support resources in their vision and the success of their innovation projects, we have developed two types of partnerships: a partnership with a consulting firm renowned for its strategic thinking in North America, and an academic partnership with a leading French school in order to structure breakthrough innovation through usage.

How to integrate innovations in a robust way?

Once the innovations have been selected, they must be integrated into the product. It is necessary to investigate and converge these opportunities by ensuring their coherence and the optimization of value and cost. Our tool-based methods allow us to:

  • clarify fuzzy requirements and build an action plan
  • share the vision of the system (Design tree)
  • manage the synthesis of each identified Trade-Off
  • characterize the dependencies between each candidate solution through a compatibility matrix
  • identify Knowledge Gaps
  • organize the convergence planning in a limited time frame.

What approaches can be adopted to address these issues?

Our innovation interventions combine approaches that address innovation strategy, the impact of digital technology, the screening of innovations on pragmatic criteria, full-scale testing and the definition of the innovation process.


Prepare: defining your innovation strategy

Deciding on the development axes and the allocation of resources on the right subjects at the right time is fundamental. Our approach: strategic analysis of the innovation environment and implementation of synchronized processes between technologies and products, as well as specific indicators to manage the innovation pipe.


Digitalize: leveraging digital projects to innovate

We help you build a vision and a roadmap of digital projects aligned with your strategic challenges, accelerate digital transformation into agile mode (test, learn, deploy), and anchor best practices in the company’s organization and culture to maximize and sustain results.


Design: adopting a lean innovation approach

To innovate leanly, it is important to  structure properly the project by identifying value pockets on which to innovate, but also by integrating cost reduction opportunities (especially for existing markets) and to ensure a smooth and robust transition to detailed development through effective collaboration and decision-making.


Deploy: ensuring the success of innovation in the market place

We help you implement Lean Start Up methods, understand market or customer responsiveness and adjust the business model.


Reinvente yourself: revisiting its R&D model to make it more innovative

Our experience has enabled us to develop a model that integrates the most advanced approaches to innovation, lean engineering and system engineering. It allows the consistent and end-to-end development of incremental or breakthrough innovations according to product, service and industrial process dimensions.

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