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Gaël Montrignac

Partner (Toulouse) | ENAC

Pierre Bodin

Partner (Munich) | ICAM/ESSEC

Cyril Soulie-Lafferayrie

Partner (Toulouse) | Arts et Métiers ParisTech & HEC

“Lean and Agile have a methodological foundation, but the very essence of the benefits is provided by the evolution of practices and state of mind.”

Gaël Montrignac


A graduate of the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile, Gaël began his career in 2000 at Aéroconseil. Initially an aircraft performance engineer, he took a broader interest in air transport, and became head of the Flight Operations department, then of the Customer Support & Air Transport Business Unit. Gaël joins Mews Partners in 2014 to work on innovation and R&D performance improvement issues in industrial sectors such as aeronautics and space. He is currently developing our offers around Agile and Lean approaches, to support transformation programs, as well as the development of services or hardware and/or software products.

Pierre Bodin


After a general engineering degree & a master’s degree in International Business, Pierre began his career in Management consulting in 2005. After 10 years at Bearing Point, then Kurt Salmon, he set up the Innovation & Product Development Practice at Weave, and joined Mews Partners in 2016 in order to contribute to the development of our footprint in Germany. Pierre has great experience in the industry, mainly focused on development processes improvement through Agile & Lean methodologies, as well as on Product & Process data management (PLM), from maturity assessment to implementation.

Cyril Soulie-Lafferayrie

Arts et Métiers ParisTech & HEC

An Arts & Métiers ParisTech engineer and a graduate of HEC, Cyril began his career at KPMG in Paris and then in London for operational performance assignments in the industrial and telecoms sectors. He joined Thales Communications & Security in 2007 as Operations Manager in charge of deploying Lean in French industrial sites and then in engineering (R&D, laboratories, design offices). In 2010, Cyril joined Mews Partners where he led numerous operational performance missions in the aeronautics, space, high-tech and services sectors on topics of agile transformation, collective agility, managerial innovation and digital transformation.

Lean Management is about achieving maximum performance from excellent processes, led by existing operational staff, with a long-term perspective.

Agile is about improving time to market, perceived product value and team engagement by bringing the worlds of development, operations and customer needs closer together through short learning loops.

Initially designed for an application to a software environment, we have developed an Agile expertise coupled with Lean for an application of the method to a complex hardware and system environment as well as to the transformation of business organizations.

Our expertise of more than 10 years of support for the major players in the industry is based on an involvement at the origin of international referents. This expertise has been packaged into an action training module in order to deliver a concrete result quickly.


average time-to-market gain


Lean & Agile training courses


serious games delivered


certified coaches & trainers

Our missions

We offer specific missions according to the organizations.

For Decision Makers, Agile Lean transformation roadmaps. For the Projects & Development Department, Lean engineering, Agile development in research & innovation, project management, resource management. For Operationals, a diagnosis and change management. For Agile Lean communities, integrated teamwork. For Marketing & Sales, responding to calls for tenders, publishing catalogues, creation of offers. For Support Functions, improvement and management of financial processes, management control, IT maintenance & governance, HR processes.

Experts and coaches, communities of practice

Trained in contact with American and Japanese “sensei” and “influencers”, and certified (Black Belt, Scrum Alliance, SAFe©, etc.), we experiment and adapt the Lean and Agile approaches, continuously enriching our experiences and practices through our Agile Lab.

Among our latest activities:

  • Publications and benchmarks
  • Organisation of Think Tanks & breakfasts
  • Participation in conferences (Meet-up, Agile en Seine, LPPDE,…)
  • Lean/Agile Community Animation, Summer School.

We develop 5 types of complementary and combinable approaches

Our approaches, which have been tested in various industries, make it possible to address a wide range of activities, different levels of needs and to propose relevant solutions to be implemented.

Our missions include a transmission phase, gradually organized to ensure the development of skills and the autonomy of the client.


Raise awareness

Management Committee awareness: serious games, field discoveries (Gemba), discovery seminars, participation in the Agile Lab.


Define an Agile and Lean transformation plan

Agile transformation of a team, a department, a Business Unit, and a company. Boost & Engage Workshops.


Set up an Agile and Lean approach and pilots

Visual management/Obeya/ iObeya, customer voice, team management in Scrum approach, pull flow in project management, co-engineering and set-based decision-making, design-to-cost and value analysis, supplier collaboration, problem solving, knowledge management.

Agile & Management Lean Leadership, self-organized teams, change management.


Training and certification

Catalog training with 16 Lean modules and 8 Agile modules including: operational excellence, Lean Management, Lean Product Development, Agile Transformation,
Agile Marketing, Lean Manufacturing, 6sigma Green & Black Belt, Lean Engineering Serious Game.

Certifying training: Agility on a SAFe© scale.

Tailor-made training: gamification, adaptation to the company’s context, integration of examples and benchmarks of the context, pedagogical engineering.



Support for project managers, operational managers, decision-makers and progress managers: problem analysis, solution research, change management, skills development, etc.

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Mews Partners at “Agile en Seine”


In Paris, on September 16-17 2019.

Leading SAFe© Training


New Agile certification training session, February 4 and 5, 2019 in Toulouse.

Video Agility and managerial innovation


Discover the video of the conference hosted by Cyril Soulié-Lafferayrie, Maud Menuet and Gaël Montrignac at Agile en Seine.

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