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Geoffrey Carpentier

Managing Partner (Paris) | Kent State University

Jean-Baptiste Latour

Partner (Paris) | ICP

“Our mission? To enable our clients to find or recover serenity towards their challenges ”  

Geoffrey Carpentier

Kent State University

Graduate from Business school and in Political science, with an MBA from Kent State University (USA), Geoffrey has more than 20 years of experience in human transformation consulting in large firms (Accenture, KPMG) and in more specialized firms, which he developed as an entrepreneur (HR Valley, carewan). He has also worked as an organisation development manager for the Danone Group.

Geoffrey joined Mews Partners in the spring of 2021 to co-develop, alongside Jean-Baptiste Latour, the Mews Human Inside practice in order to help the firm’s clients invent, while respecting their singularities, the cultural, organisational and managerial model best suited to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Jean-Baptiste Latour


Philosopher, entrepreneur and consultant, Jean-Baptiste’s atypical personal background has helped him structure his thinking and perspective in order to respond to his clients’ challenges. He founded ViTi-Coaching which offers a remote co-development solution for fragmented teams. After working as a consultant at IDRH, Alixio and Carewan, he co-founded the Mews Human Inside practice with Geoffrey Carpentier to support companies in their human transformation.

His driving force is to decipher the changes taking place in organisations and their ecosystems, and to highlight the opportunities and risks they present.

By taking a step back and putting the long term in perspective, he helps the teams he accompanies to shift their point of view in order to envision genuinely innovative solutions… and above all, solutions that are their own.

The innovation economy puts competence at the heart of performance while globalisation raises the qualification needs of employees. The demand for employee autonomy enabled by the digital revolution requires more and more commitment and skills.  

But the needs of companies and the aspirations of employees often come up against the limits of an exhausted social body facing difficulties to keep up the pace.  

In this context, the most resilient companies are those able to manage and mobilise their teams by learning collectively from their environment and adapting continuously.


of executives concerned about the lack of skills


of jobs at risk of obsolescence within 3 years


of employees psychologically absent from work

Why we help you approach your transformations differently ?

We help you set up organizations and collaboration methods that promote accountability, collective learning, and commitment among your employees, in order to address your transformations in a comprehensive manner. It is a question of simultaneously understanding the necessary changes in your organization, your work processes, your managerial practices, but also your collective skills and your commitment model.

Breaking with traditional approaches that prescribe change

We help you evolve your model by involving your stakeholders and allowing your employees to anchor new behaviors by being themselves involved in the transformation. To do this, we have developed specific approaches based on an ecosystem of digital innovations and a network of international consultants with specific and complementary skills (organizational sociology, organizational coaching, executive coaching, etc.). 

Emerge the organizational model that will enable you to meet your strategic challenges!

We are convinced that the resilience of organizations in a VUCA world requires:  

  • Agility: by shifting the center of gravity of decisions downwards  
  • Skills: by anticipating and accelerating the emergence of key talents and capabilities  
  • Commitment: by mobilizing all employees, even in times of crisis or uncertainty

Empowering organizations

We support the implementation of hybrid work as a lever towards more agile, collaborative and empowering operating modes.  

We encourage employees to adopt new, more collaborative work organizations as a genuine lever for economic and human performance. We help managers to find their ease in the new roles they have to play for their teams. 


Development of strategic skills

We help you identify and develop the collective skills that will be necessary for the success of your company tomorrow.  

By taking into account your strategy and the challenges of the evolution of your company’s businesses, we support the HR sector in identifying your employment and skills challenges over the next 3 to 5 years. We support you in setting up plans for the development of tomorrow’s strategic skills.


Employee engagement

We support you in identifying and implementing more engaging and efficient organizational and management models, in line with your company’s deep-rooted culture.  

We help your managerial body – and therefore your social body – to evolve its representations, to gently modify its managerial and/or collaborative practices, and the behaviors necessary for the appropriation of the new model.

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