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Michael Gerstle

Partner (Hamburg) | Leibniz Universität Hanover​

Charles Thaumiaux

Partner (Paris) | Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées

Antoine Klein

Partner (Paris) | UTC

“Our tools and methods allow to quickly identify levers of performance and facilitate their implementation involving the key actors on the ground.”

Michael Gerstle

Leibniz Universität Hanover​

Michael studied Mechanical Engineering and holds a PhD in Numerical Simulation from the University of Hanover.

He spent more than 10 years in R&D, Program Management and Operations within Opel/General Motors and Airbus. As Program and Senior Engineering Manager, he collected extensive experience in leading design and build organizations for high technology products.

Convinced by the potential of LEAN management, Michael continued his career by working more than 15 years as (internal) consultant, leading major OpEx transformation programs within various industrial branches (Aerospace TIER 1, Process Industry, Chemical Industry). 

He focused on sustainably improving the operational performance. This includes impacting the company’s DNA and drive towards agile, high performing processes and organizations by changing leadership culture as well as empowering people to unlock their potential. 

Michael has a huge international experience, with a strong footprint in France and Germany. He is based in Hamburg to meet the growing support demands of our customers. 

Charles Thaumiaux

Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées

Charles is a graduate of Ponts et Chaussées (03L). Formerly from Atford Consulting, he was a Director at KPMG France until he joined Mews Partners in 2021. Specializing in operational performance in industry and services with a technical component, he has been working for more than 16 years on high-stakes business transformation projects, from the definition of strategic orientations and performance diagnostics to the effective implementation of recommendations and the achievement of proven results.

Charles works mainly on statistical process control issues (Six Sigma) and performance of Production and Maintenance functions in industrial environments, as well as on the performance of engineering projects and securing infrastructure projects.

His main sectors of activity are rail transport, infrastructure, chemicals, nuclear, mineral extraction and agribusiness.

Antoine Klein


Antoine started in 1990 in operational consulting in the automotive and luxury sector. He then developed a long collaboration with leaders in the food & beverage industry and cosmetics (Danone, Sodiaal, Coca-Cola, L’Oréal) in the fields of operations strategy and performance in Europe and internationally (China , Russia, USA, Australia, Mexico). After an entrepreneurial experience and 4 years as Partner of a large IT consulting firm, focused on digitalization and its impacts on manufacturing organizations, he joined Mews Partners in 2021 to develop the operations transformation offer and the agri-food / consumer goods segment.

Planning, scheduling of operations, preparation of orders, production order, transportation, quality control, etc. these so-called execution processes are fundamental to ensure the quality and the level of service expected. We work  on their effectiveness with the teams that run them. Remove activities, improve interfaces, outsource, equip, digitize some activities… are all considered as levers. Above all, what matters are the women and men who operate these processes. We work with them in situ to get their engagement and consider realistic levers. Our commitment often leads us to support implementation projects, to test solutions and ensure their sustainable roots. Mews Partners customers value this ability to make the connection between the steering committees and the teams on the ground.


increase in productivity


increase in transport purchase


warehouse start-ups in 2 years

What are the gains expected from execution Supply Chain projects?

All our delivery Supply Chain projects are supported by an economic analysis called “Business Case”. It determines the gains expected from the project. These gains can be translated into productivity gains or capacity gains. The “Business Case” sets the goal at first then follows gains achieved according to the progress of the project and the implementation of the performance actions plan. We believe that our interventions should generate at least 15% gains for our customers on the analyzed areas.

Methods and tools developed in-house by Mews Partners

Mews Partners consultants have developed their own tools and methods to drive Supply Chain performance projects. First, we have an issue benchmark costs basis of funding over 100 projects. This basis is made available to our clients during the phases of analysis. Then we have Lean & Agile tools developed in-house to work with field teams: grid maturity, process analysis, matrix stakes & accessibility, KIDs (Key Interface Datas),… We train our customers to use them.

We offer several methods of intervention

We articulate our approach around 4 types of intervention. From the assessment phase of the gains to the definition of the plan of action and implementation phases. We also support our clients specifically on phases of outsourcing logistics and transport.


Savings estimation: “Business Case”

We evaluate the gains to expect on the perimeter of the project (scheduling, logistics, transportation, etc.)


Actions plan definition

We work with operational teams on the performance actions plan.


Implementation support

Over time, we support our customers in the implementation phases.


Make or Buy

We support phases of Supply Chain outsourcing: warehousing, transport, etc.

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