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Americo Jost

Partner (Toulouse) | PUC-Rio & INSA-Toulouse

Gilles Cyprès

Partner (Paris) | Mines ParisTech

Christophe Bressange

Managing Partner Operations | EMLyon

“Our mission is to increase the performance and maturity of the Purchasing function at the strategic, tactical and operational levels. ”

Americo Jost

PUC-Rio & INSA-Toulouse

Américo is a graduate engineer from the Pontificia Universidade Catolica of Rio de Janeiro and INSA Toulouse. He started his career at Airbus with a year’s break in engineering and worked at Accenture for 12 years in the Aerospace sector, covering several business areas such as R&D, Supply Chain and Digital Transformation. Expert in the Purchasing / Procurement performance processes and passionate about new technologies (about Collaboration and Data), Américo joined Mews Partners in 2020 to develop the “Supply Chain Management” and “Procurement Performance” offers in the Toulouse office, and more broadly in the Aerospace sector.

Gilles Cyprès

Mines ParisTech

Gilles has an Engineer degree from Mines ParisTech. He started his career in operational management at GrDF, where he was responsible for engineering and works for the Parisian gas distribution network. He chose to move to consulting in operational performance in 2003. Over the last 15 years, he has been supporting key players in sectors such as energy & utilities (nuclear, renewables), railway, automotive, healthcare, engineering and services. He has developed a strong expertise in competitiveness improvement initiatives, leveraging together design & redesign to value cost, operational excellence (Lean) and purchasing actions. Gilles joined Mews Partners in 2018. He is in charge of the offers related to design to value/cost as well as product/project/services performance initiatives.


Christophe Bressange


Christophe is a graduate of EM Lyon and has more than 15 years of experience in leading supply chain consulting firms. He also held operational management positions for 7 years in the Geodis group and the Casino group. Christophe joined the Operations practice to bring his knowledge of the GIC, Retail, Transport & Logistics sectors, as well as his experience in international supply chain transformation projects. He manages Mews Operations.

Three major stakes for the Purchasing / Procurement function in the coming years :

  • A VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) environment, particularly characterized by an industrial context which is evolving and becoming more complex and requires good risk management.
  • New digital solutions (S2P, P2P, BI, IA tools) emerge every day, creating business opportunities (co-design to value, development of supplier relationships…).
  • The growing importance of CSR aspects that extends beyond the company, and first and foremost upstream with its suppliers.

Purchasing transformation projects


experts gathered in a dedicated community


academic partnership (DESMA)

Purchasing as a lever for value creation

Few companies today have a sufficient knowledge of their suppliers in order to develop a collaborative relationship and be part of an extended business logic. The knowledge of supplier markets is a prerequisite to take advantage of the various opportunities offered by digital technology in the long term, but also to generate short-term savings through the control of non-quality. A silo organisation is unfortunately still too common, which does not allow maximum value creation.

A team of experts for your purchasing performance

With a vast experience in industry and consulting, Mews Partners teams shares a common vision of the projects and challenges of your Purchasing function. Our expertise covers the scope of Supply Chain value, with dedicated purchasing skills and profiles.

Our tools and convictions have been proven in projects related to Purchasing performance for numerous clients.


Specific methods to accelerate and innovate in your transformation

  • CSR: Concrete value propositions to make your purchases more sustainable
  • Digital: An approach to to guide you through your purchasing digital transformation

4 offers to boost your Purchasing Organisation

In order to support our customers in improving the performance of their Purchasing/Procurement department, we articulate our approach around 4 pillars. We can thus adapt to the specific needs and challenges of our customers.


Organisation & performance of the Purchasing department

Structuring and increasing the value proposition: the Purchasing department must structure itself into commodities to bring together the internal and external needs of the company. This segmentation is the basis for structuring the entire Purchasing activity. Purchasing strategy, cost optimization, product development and supplier collaboration are based on this framework.


Supplier risk management

Optimizing collaboration cycles with suppliers from their selection to industrialization, through production and product release. Identifying, classifying and managing supplier risks (supply chain, financial, contractual, CSR).


Supplier performance & continuous improvement plan

Measuring and improving the Quality – Cost – Delivery balance of suppliers. Defining and implementing the continuous improvement plan, monitoring supplier performance, supporting them in their development and regularly reviewing the supplier portfolio.


Logistics & transport services purchases

Defining and implementing the Purchasing strategy for transport and logistics services: Defining the needs, finding the key partner, maintaining the activity in a transitional phase or choosing the new organisation are difficulties to be mastered in order to respect the quality and deadlines of your project. Mews Partners has the tools and skills to help you succeed in your calls for tenders.

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