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Franck Vigilant

Partner (Paris) | CentraleSupelec

Olivier Feingold

Managing Partner Innovation | ENSEM

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Managing Partner Germany (Munich) | University of Stuttgart

“The exponential complexity, the imperative of speed and the rise of digital technologies require a review of the way to innovate.”

Franck Vigilant


A graduate of Supélec, Franck began his career at PSA Peugeot Citroën, where he held various positions in engineering and vehicle projects for 10 years, which confronted him with the challenges of modular policy and value/cost optimization in design. He joined Mews Partners in 2012 to develop business expertise on engineering performance and promote advanced design methods. For the past 5 years, he has been supporting industrial players in the space, naval and energy sectors, in the upstream phases of major programmes or on transformation projects related to Lean Engineering and System Engineering.

Olivier Feingold


Olivier first held operational positions in industry (energy, electrical equipment) as an industrialization engineer, quality manager, PLM project manager, product development project manager. He joined Mews Partners in 2002. He provides numerous expert assignments relating to the performance of development processes, the implementation of Data Driven organization and information systems management, in the energy, aeronautics, shipbuilding, automotive, electronics and equipment sectors. He manages Mews Innovation.

Lothar Weberring

University of Stuttgart

Trained as an aeronautical and space systems engineer, Lothar has twenty years experience in both consulting (CSC, Accenture, SAP Consulting) and industry (EADS, British Telecom). Lothar has led the management of major PLM and ERP/SAP harmonization programmes on an international scale. His mission is to develop Mews Partners’ consulting activity in Germany, in order to be as close as possible to our clients and to be able to best meet their needs.

Innovating is necessary for 3 main reasons:

  • First, complexity increases exponentially: industrial schemes and resources are evolving and become more global every day, stakeholders are multiplying, the expertise involved is each day more diverse and, finally, the customer and regulatory requirements continue to become more important.
  • Second, the markets are accelerating: competition is fierce as ever and investing a market first-hand has become an obvious competitive advantage.
  • Third, the digital and artificial intelligence revolutions are opportunities that can’t be ignored: they allow a tighter interaction with the customer and the continuous delivery of services over the whole life cycle.

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Define the challenge of your R&D Department

The constraints in terms of costs, deadlines and complexity have increased and densified in recent years. It is therefore necessary to precisely define your issues and priorities. We have the ability to challenge each of these constraints, address them and their interdependencies. In all these thoughts, the value of products and services is omnipresent, and remains a difficult concept to address. Our methods guarantee that it will be correctly evaluated and that it will be a driver of your decisions.

The will to innovate and the agility of the organization are mandatory!

Whatever the challenge, the need to go beyond the usual framework is inevitable to stand out and propose new offers responding to new challenges, especially those of the digital evolution. Our academic and industrial partnerships allow us to have a global overview and focus on important things. The challenge is also human: teams must reinvent their operating methods, they must become more agile and learn new reflexes. For all these transformations, we will accompany you.

The 5 themes of R&D performance

Mews Partners acts on 5 dimensions to achieve your performance objectives: breaking new ground (Business Innovation Design), improving the Time to Market of a product, managing the multitude of constraints (Complexity Management), proposing the right product at the right cost and finally adjusting organization and management.


Business Innovation Design: industrialize innovation, accelerate business

Identify new market spaces for the product and service portfolio.
Improve innovation capabilities, risk culture and process efficiency.
Accelerate the digital transformation.
Propose innovations while guaranteeing the robustness of the products and their adequacy to the market.


Time to market: dynamically adapt product scope, activities and resources to accelerate time-to-market

Diagnose time-to-market optimization levers:
Increase speed and improve schedule reliability using Agile, Obeya, Lean and KIDS methods.
Reorganize processes and review product architectures to reduce time to market.
Produce in an interactive and structured way using the Agile method.
Plan the product development roadmap and its different variants to address several market segments.


Complexity management & system engineering: simplify and control complexity, or the collective art of breaking down a problem and recomposing the solution

Implement system engineering by deploying fitting collaboration methods.
Simplify complexity through modelling.
Lead the upstream phases thanks to the SBCE (uncertainty and trade-off identification and management).
Synchronize team activities in pull flows thanks to KIDSTM.
Master variability while maximizing reuse through Product Policy and modular design.
Define and implement KPIs to assess design maturity and system robustness.


Right Product Right Cost: increase value, reduce costs, get teams on board

State and share the optimization problem.
Identify and prioritize opportunities.
Seize opportunities and integrate them to product development.
Anchor value and cost approaches in the company’s culture and processes.


Organization and management: accelerate transformations and make management evolve

Develop a shared vision and transformation roadmap.
Set up a management system able to support new methods.
Prepare resources for the new organization: address skill issues, understand culture changes, strengthen agility and organize knowledge management.
Improve project and portfolio management by boosting management bodies and focusing on competitiveness.

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