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Mikaël Pichavant

Senior Partner (Paris) | ENSTA

Charles Turri

Partner (Paris) | Mathematics/Finance

Mourad Amarouche

Partner (Paris) | Ecole Polytechnique Alger & Paris-Dauphine University

“Our mission? Adapt our customers’ Supply Chain processes and organizations to help them meet the challenges of their own markets.”

Mikaël Pichavant


Mikaël began his career in 1998 at Pea Consulting. After 3 years’ experience in Chain Design, he specialized in Supply Chain and leads both performance improvement missions, in warehouses or factories, and strategic missions to define master plans. He is specialized in retail and e-commerce since the early 2000s and also manages digital transformation offers. Mikaël co-founded the Operations practice in 2010.

Charles Turri


A graduate in Mathematics and Finance, Charles has ten years’ experience at Axelboss Consultants, followed by three years at the Open digital services specialist and two years at PEA Consulting. He joined the Operations practice in 2014 to bring his experience of international supply chain projects and his knowledge of the retail, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. Specialist in forecasting and planning topics, Charles also teaches at Paris Dauphine University since 2003, and today more specifically for the Master 2 in Supply Chain.

Mourad Amarouche

Ecole Polytechnique Alger & Paris-Dauphine University

Graduated from Polytechnic School of Algiers (2009) and Paris-Dauphine University (2010), Mourad started his career in industry at Schneider Electric and PSA before joining Metis Consulting. He has worked internationally on numerous logistics master plans, design and implementation of automated warehouses. Experienced in leading large-scale warehouses projects, Mourad joined Mews Partners early this year (2021) to support our clients in the preparation and implementation of their new generation distribution centers.

Supply Chain is at the heart of industrial and distribution companies challenges in terms of development and transformation. Market volatility, increased competition and reduced time cycles are no longer the only factors requiring Supply Chain robustness and flexibility. Indeed, new concepts such as extended enterprise, multi-channel, or the emergence of digital technologies also contribute to this need for adaptation.

Beyond product offerings, manufacturers are now forced to evolve and develop innovative and efficient services. This evolution encourages them to rethink their operational models and therefore their Supply Chain.


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Supply Chain as a competitive advantage and profitability lever

Few companies within Europe reap the full benefits of their Supply Chain. However, a recent study in the United States shows that the most advanced companies in the implementation of “Supply Chain best practices” are among the most profitable of their sector. An optimized Supply Chain has an impact on both company profitability (costs reduction, out of stock limitation) and its balance sheet (working capital reduction through stock optimization), but also allows to attract and retain new customers.

Varied experiences for a unique expertise

Our experts have a background in the industry, retail and consulting sectors and share a common vision of Supply Chain projects and challenges. Using methods and tools developed and capitalized by Mews Partners, our teams offer innovative, flexible and robust solutions and approaches.

5 pillars for a reactive and efficient Supply Chain

To support our customers in their Supply Chain definition and implementation, we articulate our methodology around 5 pillars. This approach ensures consistency between the company’s strategic decisions and its tactical processes. We thus make sure to set up Supply Chain processes and organization fitting with the challenges of each company.


Physical network design

Adapt network and infrastructures to companies development strategy: industrial and logistics footprint, internalization vs outsourcing, central vs local distribution, customer catchment area optimization, service offer definition, etc.


Road to market

Analyze the value chain to define best suited distribution strategy to address a market: direct customer delivery or through a distributor, analyses of market and regulatory constraints, cost model and pricing scheme definition, etc.


Supply Chain models

Design relevant operational models depending on the different product/service segments (MTO vs MTS, push vs pull…).
Implement processes and organization to support these Supply Chain models.


S&OP: forecasting, planning and inventory management

Integrate sales forecasts into means, resources and stock planning, to improve service level and decrease costs throughout the Supply Chain.
Foster collaboration with suppliers and customers in an extended enterprise logic (VMI, Collaborative forecasting…).
Set up an S&OP process involving all functions within the company.


Supply Chain governance and organization

Define and implement robust Supply Chain organization, adapted to strategic, tactical and operational processes.
Ensure the sustainability of this organization through governance instances, management tools (performance KPIs…) and operational planning tools (APS, WMS, TMS, etc.).

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