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Frédéric Miazga

Partner (Paris) | IEP/ESSEC

Michael Gerstle

Partner (Hamburg) | Leibniz Universität Hanover​

Sabine Dehais

Partner (Toulouse) | ESCP Europe

Success isn’t based on the ability to simply change. It is based on the ability to change faster than the competition, customers and business.
Mark Sanborn

Frédéric Miazga


A graduate of the IEP of Paris (1983) and the ESSEC (1986), Frédéric first held operational and management positions at IBM France for 9 years, before accompanying industrial and energy clients at IBM Global Services and Capgemini Consulting for 17 years. He joined Mews Partners in 2013 to launch the practice Management, bringing his experience in transformation projects and performance research, as well as his knowledge of the manufacturing industry.

Michael Gerstle

Leibniz Universität Hanover​

Michael studied Mechanical Engineering and holds a PhD in Numerical Simulation from the University of Hanover.

He spent more than 10 years in R&D, Program Management and Operations within Opel/General Motors and Airbus. As Program and Senior Engineering Manager, he collected extensive experience in leading design and build organizations for high technology products.

Convinced by the potential of LEAN management, Michael continued his career by working more than 15 years as (internal) consultant, leading major OpEx transformation programs within various industrial branches (Aerospace TIER 1, Process Industry, Chemical Industry). 

He focused on sustainably improving the operational performance. This includes impacting the company’s DNA and drive towards agile, high performing processes and organizations by changing leadership culture as well as empowering people to unlock their potential. 

Michael has a huge international experience, with a strong footprint in France and Germany. He is based in Hamburg to meet the growing support demands of our customers. 

Sabine Dehais

ESCP Europe

Diplômée de l’ESCP, Sabine a commencé sa carrière en 1999 chez Capgemini Consulting puis Capgemini Aerospace & Defence. Durant sa carrière, elle travaille pour des acteurs industriels variés : luxe, automobile, énergie, dermo-cosmétique, aéronautique et spatial. Sabine a rejoint Mews Partners en 2012 pour s’investir sur les sujets de transformation et de change management. Elle accompagne également ses clients sur des sujets d’excellence opérationnelle et de performance. Elle développe aujourd’hui nos offres autour de l’accompagnement humain, les nouveaux modes d’organisation et de gouvernance.

According to recent surveys, more than 70% of medium-large companies are planning or running a “transformation program”. They want a step-change in their business & operations performance, fast and broad impacts on their P&L, as well as deeper adaptations to moving strategic environments.

Whether it is part of a digital transformation plan, cost reduction, business reorganization, integration of post-merger subsidiaries… we help executives to set a realistic level of ambition, to dare reinvent themselves, to rely on collective intelligence with an approach that “makes sense” for the people and ensures a quick and sustainable return on investment.


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The key actions to plan when starting a transformation process

The initial diagnosis enables to define the key start actions: ensure that the relevant level of ambition is shared, select the right levers, dare to reinvent practices and organisation when needed, define the ROI and what can be promised to shareholders, define how to measure results, monitor impacts and orient actions, start to generate adherence among teams.

How to unleash the energy of your employees to succeed in your transformation

A transformation must be thought of as a journey involving management and teams. Beyond making sense (Why-What-How), transformation must inspire and take advantage of collective intelligence. We bring leaders and co-workers together during key events (Boost & Engage sessions), or by using our digital platform (Mews Booster). We reinforce alignment and motivation to change and allow everyone to become an actor. We foster a strong collective dynamic by combining emotional and rational interactions.

Succeed the digital transformation with the women & the men of your company

While many companies only focus on technology, tools and data to initiate their digital transformation, we are convinced that it is key to first consider human and managerial issues, as this move will be a cultural shift. Therefore, assessing the digital readiness is a critical prerequisite and will help to put the organisation in line with its ambitions. Through a digital readiness diagnosis, we build together a realistic action plan that makes sense for management and teams.

Our value proposition in 4 steps

Our robust approach, regularly proven with testimonials, allows to secure the achievement of results and the onboarding of teams. The design and construction stages allow in a few weeks to choose the right battles, the right targets and the right trajectory. We work with managers and opinion leaders to turn them into drivers of change.


Design a Transformation Strategy

Run a business diagnosis, and uncover the actual pain points, opportunities, business model weaknesses, profitability drivers; review the company’s operating model efficiency; set priorities for short term impacts, as well as deeper adaptations and challenges; decide a roadmap, with the right pace and balance of actions.


Build a robust Transformation Program

Establish a structured set of “workstreams” and “workpackages” to tackle the needed actions; elaborate a set of plans with schedules, resources, deliverables; set up a governance at the right levels, with animation and communication rituals; provide a toolset for reporting on results, focused on the “just needed” information.


Onboard the management layers and drive change

Develop the “springboard” vision and align the management layers with the needs, issues and root causes that drive transformation priorities; analyse managerial and social levers to develop the right change management strategy covering all teams.


Monitor progress and deliver results

Monitor progress, benefits and risks; identify weaknesses and strengthen teams with experts, provide the right level of resources needed to solve complex problems; recognize successes, value teams. React and face difficulties; adapt the program pragmatically.

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