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For the next gathering of the Industry 4.0 club, we will visit the industrial plant of Schneider Electric, in Vaudreuil (27), France. They received the award of “Window on the industry of the future” by the Alliance Industrie du Futur association.

On the agenda : a visit of their 4.0 plant and some experience sharing !

For more information about this event, you can contact Guillaume Rokicka Pellen.

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Industry 4.0 Club #4


We look forward to seeing you on 9 October in our Paris offices for the 4th edition of our Industry 4.0 Club. On the agenda: 3D printing. What is the state of the art? What are the cases of mature industrial uses? What are the prerequisites for their implementation?

Industry 4.0 Club #5


See you on Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 in our Paris offices for the 5th edition of our Industry 4.0 Club. The theme will be: what position for the human factor in the future? How to support teams?

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