1st edition of the AI & Supply Chain Meetings - Mews Partners


In partnership with Supply Chain Magazine and the Master Supply Chain International of the University of Paris-Dauphine, Mews Partners offers you the opportunity to discuss the challenges and impacts of artificial intelligence in the Supply Chain business: in the medium term by establishing application prospects, but also in the short term on the basis of concrete cases developed with customers and technological partners.

The Mews Partners Lab team will present a case study of the application of predictive analytics in distribution. This conference will also be an opportunity to consider organizational developments in the areas of supply chain execution and planning.

  • What new Supply Chain activities for tomorrow?
  • How to adapt its processes and organization to the challenges of Artificial Intelligence?
  • How quickly will AI become established, and in which areas should it be given priority?

The AI & Supply Chain meetings are organized by Flavien Lamarque, Managing Partner.

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