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The Mews Academy aim is to enhance and to develop the knowledge capital of our consultants, as well as of our clients, particularly those that are key stakes. We provide training courses for their professional development in our fields of expertise.

We support our consultants professional development within the company, from the enhancement of their technical expertise to their personal development, including specific consultant soft skills.
Our training courses are led by the most experienced consultants in order to assert their technical and pedagogical expertise, internally as well as at prestigious universities.

In addition to our training module catalog, we design ad’hoc training paths for our clients, in order to support their transformation projects as well as improve the skills of their teams.

We organize dedicated educational days every year as we are eager to improve the content of the Mews Academy, in the most innovative approach.

To request our training catalog or for any additional information, contact the Director of the training academy Sabine Dehais :


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5 schools providing more than 100 training courses


The Mews Academy is organized in 5 different schools which allow the development of the firm’s expertise, as well as the consultant’s specific know-how and interpersonal skills. We favor dynamic training formats: limited number of attendees in class, Serious Games, case studies, co-development of content, e-learning… Our customers can benefit from most of our training courses.

The Consulting School is our path to professionalize our consultants throughout their career, both on the techniques and the behaviors. Junior consultants up to partners are trained to acquire: management of our assignments, commercial relationships, oral and written communication, management practices & coaching, foreign languages.


The Digital School was created to foster the digital culture of our consultants by proposing a progressive and modular course. The components of this school are a digital passport as a first awareness on current technologies, in-depth training courses which include specific corporate case studies, a day of exchange and sharing with experts and startups.


The school program offers an internal course to increase the competence of the consultants on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). It alternates face-to-face training courses, sharing experience related to assignments, tool demonstrations and readings of articles written by our experts. This program is characterized by individual coaching of the consultant by a PLM mentor. Consultants benefit from a progressive acquisition of specialized skills, validated by an internal certification.


With the R&D Innovation School, our consultants are trained to our Innovation, Lean, Agile and Engineering methods. Theory is combined with practical cases acquired during our 25 years of support to our R&D customers. Our expert trainers have built a catalog of widely spread methodologies (VSM, Agile, System Engineering, etc.), expand each year with new offers (SAFe, Design thinking, etc.).


With the Supply Chain School you will discover the main stakes of the industrial and logistics world: its processes, its organization as well as the issues and challenges that companies might face nowadays. From strategic industrial and logistics network design to tactical and operational processes, our catalog has been designed to train tomorrow’s Supply Chain operators.


Custom made training courses


Transformation projects always require changes in ways of working and skills.

Thanks to our expert consultants, we can develop training courses that meet your specific expectations: training objectives assessment, personalized training engineering, training content development and facilitation.

We can also bring our expertise to create unique courses for prestigious high schools or universities.


Academies development


Mews Partners can also assist you in the design and implementation of your own academy. This integrated pedagogical system makes it possible to gain in impact by going beyond the simple acquisition of skills to develop the maturity of a community of peers.

Development of their position as business partners, strengthening the attractiveness of the profession through the development of career paths, sharing of best practices, structuring of a competitive and technological watch…

The schools where we provide training courses

Sabine DEHAIS, Director of the training academy


European R&D projects: Boosting industry innovation and Beyond


Innovation and R&D play pivotal roles in our economy: they are major levers to maintaining industry competitiveness, building a greener society and creating skilled jobs. Cognisant of the importance for EU to boost innovation, the European Commission has supported European R&D for nearly 40 years…

Mews Partners promotes soft mobility


“International Bike Day” | What Mews Partners has implemented within the firm to encourage cycling, and more generally, to reduce CO2 emissions linked to employee travel.

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