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Frédéric Miazga

Partner (Paris) | IEP/ESSEC

Frédéric Saffar

Partner (Toulouse) | Arts et Métiers ParisTech

Jean-Baptiste Didiot

Partner (Toulouse) | ISAE

“If you don’t fail, it’s because you don’t innovate enough… Some people don’t like change, but you have to adopt change if the only alternative is disaster.”  
Elon Musk

Frédéric Miazga


A graduate of the IEP of Paris (1983) and the ESSEC (1986), Frédéric first held operational and management positions at IBM France for 9 years, before accompanying industrial and energy clients at IBM Global Services and Capgemini Consulting for 17 years. He joined Mews Partners in 2013 to launch the practice Management, bringing his experience in transformation projects and performance research, as well as his knowledge of the manufacturing industry.

Frédéric Saffar

Arts et Métiers ParisTech

A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Frédéric began his career at BearingPoint and then Thales. He has worked on performance improvement issues in the fields of Innovation, R&D and Supply Chain. He then moved on to organizational transformation issues, integrating the contributions of Digital, Lean and Agile. Frédéric joined Mews Partners in 2012 to develop the industrial sector, above all space and automotive sectors.

Jean-Baptiste Didiot


Jean-Baptiste has an engineer degree from Supaero and the DESIA (2002). He started his career as a new technology software developer. He joined Mews Partners in 2005 and leads missions in the aeronautics, space, defense and automotive industries on issues of product data management, industrialization, support and services and deployment applied to complex products for large PLM projects. He is in charge of the Mews Partners PLM offer and PLM repository. He is also developing innovative and disruptive PLM visions, such as the PLM 4.0, the augmented engineering or the Live Product Process Plant.

For more than 20 years, Mews Partners has been supporting the transformation of the sector with major system providers, suppliers and partners. Our value proposition is based on 3 major axes:

  • design the right product for the customer (”design to value & cost”), by innovating, exploring new business models
  • design the right product first time (operational excellence), by making design processes more agile, digital and lean, while ensuring more robust system engineering and configuration management
  • boost operations (Industry 4.0) and the Supply Chain, by organizing the simultaneous co-engineering of the product and the manufacturing and assembly processes within the extended company.

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Aeronautics, ready for takeoff

The aeronautics sector is facing an unprecedented increase in its production rates and the need to further reduce its costs. Aging fleets and new technologies are generating increased revenue opportunities downstream of the value chain.

Mews Partners supports the aeronautics industry on major transformation issues:

  • agility of development processes and organizations
  • digital transformation and digital continuity
  • valuation of innovative services, etc.

Defense, in working order

In a context of very diverse threats, states are seeking budgetary solutions to ensure their sovereignty and the security of their citizens. Defense companies, for their part, must improve their competitiveness by using several levers, including innovation. They also want to take advantage of digital technologies: artificial intelligence, COBOTS, blockchain, etc. Big data makes it possible to consider new value-added services, such as integrated logistics support, based on actual equipment usage data.

New Space in orbit

Space is undergoing a real revolution that is forcing traditional players to reinvent themselves to compete with the new players in New Space, who are increasingly competitive, agile and innovative. Data volumes from space are exploding and new uses are emerging, creating new business model opportunities for those who can position themselves in the value chain and choose the right technologies (such as the constellation of nanosatellites, etc.).

Mews Partners supports agencies, bonuses and manufacturers in this transformation.


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