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Olivier Feingold

Managing Partner Innovation | ENSEM

Gilles Cyprès

Partner (Paris) | Mines ParisTech

Denis Debaecker

Senior Partner (Paris) | Centrale Lyon

“Putting the customer at the centre of new uses and services, improving the performance of assets, and therefore have data in command are the keys to sustainability.”

Olivier Feingold


Olivier first held operational positions in industry (energy, electrical equipment) as an industrialization engineer, quality manager, PLM project manager, product development project manager. He joined Mews Partners in 2002. He provides numerous expert assignments relating to the performance of development processes, the implementation of Data Driven organization and information systems management, in the energy, aeronautics, shipbuilding, automotive, electronics and equipment sectors. He manages Mews Innovation.

Gilles Cyprès

Mines ParisTech

Gilles has an Engineer degree from Mines ParisTech. He started his career in operational management at GrDF, where he was responsible for engineering and works for the Parisian gas distribution network. He chose to move to consulting in operational performance in 2003. Over the last 15 years, he has been supporting key players in sectors such as energy & utilities (nuclear, renewables), railway, automotive, healthcare, engineering and services. He has developed a strong expertise in competitiveness improvement initiatives, leveraging together design & redesign to value cost, operational excellence (Lean) and purchasing actions. Gilles joined Mews Partners in 2018. He is in charge of the offers related to design to value/cost as well as product/project/services performance initiatives.


Denis Debaecker

Centrale Lyon

Denis has 30 years of experience in Product Lifecycle Management, including about ten years at Dassault Systèmes and then at PEA Consulting, the Areva Group’s consulting division, where he was Director of the PLM consulting and integration business line (PEA and Euriware). He is currently a partner at Mews Partners. He is the author of the books PLM Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management, PLM through Experience and Vice President of the PLM Lab. He has led numerous PLM projects in the aerospace, defense, high tech, custom, shipbuilding, automotive, energy sectors.

With the energy transition, globalization and digital transformation, the energy sector is facing important changes.
Margins have been eroded by the reduction in consumption, the decline in the energy mix for fossil fuels and the end of subsidies for renewables. On a global scale, liberalization is shaking up historical players, while colossal, complex and uncertain projects (interconnections, smart grids, etc.) aim to transform infrastructures. The digital age has changed customer expectations and favoured new digital players at the expense of existing vendors. New technologies and data offer huge opportunities, from which only the most agile will benefit. To be sustainable, manufacturers must therefore become more efficient, more innovative, and more digital.


years of support for energy players


projects performed


billion cumulative challenges of our missions


reduction in costs and lead times

Operational efficiency to secure investments and deadlines

Investments, which are highly exposed to drift, require proven project management methods and cost – quality – deadline control. Efficiency and reliability are also essential to existing installations in operation.
We support you to improve operational performance over the entire lifecycle: Design to Value/to Cost, technical convergence and planning (Set Based Concurrent Engineering, Lean Engineering), data and process control (Product/Asset Lifecycle Management, processes, Knowledge Management).

Becoming digital to reinvent customer relations

Until now focused on networks, energy companies have refocused on the customer, whose loyalty is based on uses and services: connected objects, advice….
To capture or create these new businesses the key is knowing the client, exploiting data and being agile. We help you to successfully switch to digital and innovate more effectively in an extended company.

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