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Xavier Brucker

Partner (Paris) | Polytechnique MIT

Isabelle Sipma

Advisor - Financial Services sector (Paris) | HEC

“Systematic innovation therefore consists in the purposeful and organized search for changes, and in the systematic analysis of the opportunities such changes might offer for economic or social innovation.”

Peter Drucker

Xavier Brucker

Polytechnique MIT

A graduate of Ecole Polytechnique (X 1996), Telecom ParisTech (2001) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT 2002), Xavier combines several international experiences with industry companies and start-ups. After a career in strategy consulting, he led a major defense program at Safran and then became director of the e-commerce and payments division of EquensWorldline. Xavier then spent several years in California, in the heart of start-up companies in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. Upon his return to France, Xavier joined a Fintech start-up, which he supported in its growth. Today, within Mews Partners, he develops offers related to data science and artificial intelligence, which have become a real strategic challenge for industry and services. Furthermore, he writes on the topic of the scaling up of AI and smart factory in the blog of the experts from l’Usine Nouvelle.

Isabelle Sipma


Isabelle is a graduate of HEC. She has led major transformation programs in the financial sector, and has been in charge of various organizational and IS optimization missions in retail banking, private banking and investment banking. She supported CIOs in the evolution of their organization. She developed specific expertise in enterprise architecture and data governance. She dealt with data quality issues related to regulatory developments in banking and insurance, as well as marketing and customer relations issues (retail banking). Isabelle consults with Mews Partners on projects in the Financial services sector.

Offering a new look at the Banking & Insurance sector

  • Taking on board the methods and tools developed by Mews Partners for other sectors, such as Industry, Luxury Goods, Consumer Goods, etc.
  • Using these assets to design new and innovative approaches dedicated to Banking and Insurance
  • Customizing these approaches to align them with the ambitions of our Clients.


Our value proposition for Banking & Insurance is characterized by 4 major areas of focus

  • Fostering innovation and integrating it into operational practices: knowing how to innovate on a ‘large scale’.
  • Establishing a dynamic Data valuation and governance system
  • Improving operational excellence and organizational performance
  • Managing the evolution of IS in line with the evolution of the business model, and setting up ‘agile’ governance for IS.

online banking & neo-banking customers in France


branches closed between 2016 and 2020


of insurance companies use IoTs and Chatbots


of insurance companies use RPA

Rethinking banking...

In France, universal banking has long been the ‘dominant’ model.

Global disintermediation and technological innovations (Data, AI, blockchain, VR, etc.) are now forcing banks to make major changes to their strategy.

They have to embrace more innovative and hybrid models, such as a multi-platform offering (financial and non-financial) backed by a high-level technological base.

Mews Partners helps banks develop their operational strategy and then successfully execute their transformation plans.

Inventing new Insurance models for new purposes

The upheavals in the Insurance market are prompting players in the sector to rethink their strategy (new community or peer-to-peer affinity business models: ‘pay as you drive vs. pay how you drive’, etc.) and to accelerate their development thanks to digital and technological levers (Big Data, AI, IoT, blockchain, RPA, etc.).

These levers also contribute to optimizing risk control, strengthening the analysis of customer behavior and operational efficiency.

Mews Partners helps Insurance players to understand the dynamics of their changes and to successfully complete their digital and technological transformations.

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