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Jimmy Jollois

Senior Partner (Paris) | INSA Lyon

Romain Segrétain

Partner (Paris) | CentraleSupelec

“The arrival of BIM and digital technology has created great opportunities for performance gains that must now be realized and sustained. To succeed in its digital transformation, it is necessary to focus on human issues, process evolution and data control.”

Jimmy Jollois


Jimmy began his career in 1999 at Deloitte Consulting, later renamed Kurt Salmon. He has worked on performance improvement issues in the R&D and supply chain fields for clients in the automotive, aeronautics, transport and B2B service industries. He then moved on to digital transformation topics by contributing to the development of the OCMA group consulting firm in 2011. Jimmy joined Mews Partners in July 2015 to develop offerings related to IT performance and digital transformation, including aspects related to IOT and Industry 4.0.

Romain Segrétain


Graduated from Centrale Paris, Romain began his career at Rio Tinto Alcan as a process engineer in Canada, before joining Mews Partners in 2008. Romain developed the Lean Product Development offer and worked on performance stakes on R&D projects in the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Energy/Oil & Gas and Life Sciences sectors. He then moved on to manage major Transformation Programs of companies (Business Plan, Governance, Organization, Processes, etc.), requiring Change Management skills.  He is currently in charge of Mews Partners Business Development in the Life Science and Oil & Gas sectors.

The construction sector is undergoing profound changes, driven by new energy performance challenges, new infrastructure uses and major digital innovations such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Smart Building. In this context, Mews Partners supports the actors of the sector in their economic, business and digital transformations.

Like PLM projects, we intervene on several axes of their digital transformation: defining new value offers to propose to their customers, defining data management processes, mastering continuity throughout the building life cycle, improving business processes and the efficiency of projects in Lean mode, leading the change in order to guarantee the adhesion and the implementation of new practices by the operational teams.


Clients and partners


Expert consultants in digital transformation


Expertise levers

Take advantage of BIM to accelerate the digital transformation of your processes and gain in competitiveness

For several years now, BIM and its digital twin have been the driving force behind the digital transformation of construction, operation and real estate development companies. Their potential has been demonstrated, and companies must now anchor their use in their business practices to make them a proven competitive lever. Our expertise in technical data management throughout the life cycle of a building, coupled with our expertise in Transformation and Change Management, allows us to support our clients in order to help operational teams and management optimize their business processes.

Bring value to your customers by implementing Lean from the bidding and design phases

The sector is facing strong pressure on costs, deadlines and quality of their services in a multi-actor environment. To meet these challenges, we support manufacturers in the deployment of Lean methods from the upstream offer and design phases, in order to bring project management under control, to make collaboration more fluid and to optimize business processes by focusing on the added value of the customer.

A 4-step approach to support the transformation

Our skills and convictions, historically developed in the industrial sectors, allow us to support the construction sector in its digital transformation through 4 key steps.


BIM/PLM Strategy & Vision

Helping clients to define their strategy: What objectives in the BIM Charter? Which use cases? For which types of projects? What benefits are expected? Which target (collaborative BIM and federated models, full BIM platform, …)?


Framing and definition of the project

Evaluate the company’s BIM maturity according to the following axes: Processes and Tools, Resources and Skills, Culture.

Define the project: Deployment perimeter, Processes and businesses impacted.


Deployment plan

Build the deployment plan: Pilot projects, Target projects, Planning and key stages, Framing of change management activities.



Supporting clients in the deployment of BIM processes and tools using our methods and offers: Functional approach, Process definition, VSM, Change management.

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