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System engineering is the collective art of breaking down a problem and recomposing its solution.

Today, based on standards and supported by methods, the SI takes into account multiple technical or organizational constraints in order to achieve an overall optimum.  But it can only really bear fruit if the human dimension and collaboration are properly understood. Individual technical skills are not sufficient to make the design system effective. How to deploy the IS, monitor progress, and measure its impact?


“Coaching has proven to be essential in building our engineering plan, allowing us to take the necessary perspective on our risks and focus on our main IS issues.


A global approach was adopted, with the rewriting of the company’s design processes (integration of REX programs, productivity improvements and compliance with the IS ISO 15288 standard) and the contribution to specialized system engineering guides.

The creation and implementation of training courses on the new processes, in parallel with coaching in the programs, allowed the application of the new IS practices and the drafting of the various engineering plans. The maturity of the IS teams was assessed, through the technical batches of ISO 15288 but also on the nature of collaboration and the use of tools.

A roadmap has been developed to define the deadlines for IS improvement and to ensure that the approach is sustainable.


training courses carried out on 7 sites


coaching systems on 6 major programs




The approach was used to identify internal obstacles to the SI, particularly in the organization or in the maturity gap between entities, and to better address these difficulties.

The teams we have supported have made a lasting and collective commitment to the best practices and methods that determine the success of the project and system engineering.

More than 90% of customers were satisfied with the training provided.

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