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An aeronautical equipment manufacturer with a wide range of activities (from large series to small high-precision series) was seeking to take advantage of all the data produced during production to improve its performance and control: real-time control dashboards, paperless factory, reliability of operations, digital continuity with maintenance, supply chain, quality, etc. We were asked to frame the precise need and specify two PoCs.


“Traditional MES tools are increasingly deployed, but IIoT platforms could become serious alternatives.”


Visits to the two pilot production lines with very different activities allowed us to understand the detailed process, the interfaces between business lines, the existing data sources at machine and IS level, and the associated needs. This study was consolidated into a vision of the need at the enterprise level.

This need was broken down into two PoCs scenarios, which we compared with the offers of major MES providers and IIoT platforms to select one.






publishers IIoT/MES


proofs of concept




This approach has made it possible to create both a long-term vision of the company’s ambitions with regard to the cross-functional use of production data and a short-term vision of the priority needs of the targeted production lines. The analysis of the MES & IIoT solutions market against these two visions led to the selection of a publisher that best met the needs and with whom two PoCs were framed on the two lines with distinct needs.

We have thus initiated a long-term transformation dynamics with a gradual rise in maturity around concrete site implementations.

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