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The new generation of vehicles is now connected and the trend is to accentuate its innovative functions.  The challenge is technological, but many difficulties and dissatisfactions reported by customers stem from the inadequacy of the processes supporting these new systems. Therefore, a thorough rethinking of the entire value chain becomes really imperative to ensure the proper functioning of the connected vehicle and, in the end, the manufacturer’s image.


“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”
Bill Gates


Our consultants supported the detailed analysis of the dissatisfaction data handed down by users of the connected functions, particularly those related to the multimedia system. The chosen axis of analysis was to go back to the source of the malfunction from the point of view of the processes involved, from the preliminary design phase to the handing over of the keys to the final customer.

Based on this analysis and the workshops conducted with the various stakeholders, we proposed to the relevant departments a set of recommendations concerning the necessary adaptation of processes, in a true end-to-end perspective. We have also strengthened our case with a targeted comparative analysis with other industries such as defense, aeronautics and home automation equipment manufacturers.


months of analysis


key processes reviewed




The study identified the unsuitable processes for these new multimedia systems, analyzed the root causes and, above all, highlighted the shortcomings in terms of transversality (responsibility, organization, working method, information systems).

In the end, the departments concerned became aware of the imperative need to have a real transversal process, managing these new connected functions from start to finish, with the end user’s point of view and satisfaction as a guiding principle. The customer experience is no longer a single marketing concern!

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