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In order to propose a new offer on the automotive market, it is important to evaluate the perception of the players in this market. The main difficulty is to identify the value drivers of these players as well as the market price to ensure the adoption of this new offer.


“The value of an idea has nothing to do with the conviction of the person expressing it.”
Oscar Wilde


The first step was to clearly define the market players, in this case the end customer who buys the vehicle, the car manufacturer who offers this option in his catalog and the dealership that ensures the maintenance of the vehicle as a whole.

The second step consisted in identifying for each actor its value drivers and risks.

The third step was the organization of focus groups in order to interact with the different categories of actors and gather their opinions on the use of the new solution.



people in focus group


months of positioning study




Market targets have been defined as well as the pricing of the solution.

The project is now in its industrial and commercial phase. The solution can be installed on many current or future vehicle bases without changing the overall architecture.

Industrial equipment has been developed and installed to control the quality and robustness of the solution in a serial life context, a service offer adapted to the needs of automaker customers has been set up to meet the various possible configurations.

Thus, a car manufacturer can offer the solution on the majority of the vehicles in its range, it can expand its offer and address markets in which its position was weak.

The solution has been awarded innovation prizes.

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