Industrial performance and delivery commitments for a manufacturer


This manufacturer of technical products is encountering difficulties in the management of its supplies, leading to numerous consequences regarding customers commitments. In particular: components unavailability, production delays, delivery delays and billing delays.

It was therefore necessary to redesign the industrial process, and more particularly the procurement process.


“The key principles of the project were to adopt a field approach, to identify priority areas for improvements, to rationalize through the analysis of technical data and to rely on an on-site Core Team.”


For the supply management, we have grouped products with certain common characteristics and the same delivery methods into families. We have defined a suitable supply model for each family and implemented it in the various management systems. In this new context, it was necessary to train the operational teams in the management of supplies.

An analysis of the industrial kinematics (manufacturing steps, production times, frequencies, volumes, etc.) was carried out secondly. It allowed to group together products with the same industrial characteristics by production family and to define a suitable model for each.




months of project




The management of supplies and industrial flows by product family has been reviewed and operational management has been put in place within the teams of the industrial site. This made it possible to:

  • Reduce the number of components stockouts
  • Increase by 15% the number of customer deliveries sent on time
  • Control the working capital requirement by reducing stocks

Good industrial and Supply-Chain practices continue to be deployed within the group, particularly in international subsidiaries.

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