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A major player in the design and manufacture of micro-connectors has a flagship product that has enjoyed its heyday but whose sales are threatened by a competition that grows fiercer and fiercer. The company logically decides to launch a competitiveness approach for this product.


“Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it.”
Publilius Syrus, c. 1 B.C.


The first step was to clarify and assess customer expectations on the main segments, working together with R&D, marketing and sales.

Simultaneously, we worked on a detailed comprehension of the costs in order to share the current expenditures and their inductor and to set, as a team, ambitious and achievable objectives. “Marimekko Diagram” representations greatly facilitated decision-making, by focusing on the major stakes and activities associated. Then, we identified, developed and challenged ideas for redesigning the product to minimize costs and enhance its value. Finally, we have consolidated, prioritized and gradually implemented pragmatic ideas to return to a leading position on the market.




people involved


opportunities generated




We achieved many results:

  • 30% saving on variable costs
  • The opening of a path to other innovation levers, by broadening the perimeter
  • An increasing compliance and alignment of the teams on the whole process
  • The commitment of the company’s executive committee
  • A renewed competitiveness and leadership of the product.

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