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With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analysis, manufacturers are gradually moving towards strategies based on sensor information. However, recovering this data remains a challenge. Most current solutions only offer analysis capabilities for condition-based or predictive maintenance. Operators must then evaluate the maintenance action to be implemented, based on their experience and the economic constraints that current systems integrate little.


“Systematic innovation requires the will to consider change as an opportunity.”
Peter Drucker


In order to lead the development of the platform, a European consortium has been set up, bringing together researchers, industrialists, developers, data scientists and innovation experts.

We have conducted architecture design workshops and plan to test the system after a first iteration in 18 months. The second iteration will finalize and integrate the most advanced functions in an Agile way and define the business model.

The creation of a community of industrial partners is an essential part of the system to qualify the selected solutions and ensure their adoption.


consortium partners


points for improvement of the OEE


reduction in maintenance TCO




The project is ongoing. A functional architecture model, a target data model and detailed use cases have been defined.

The first demonstration tests have been launched. A first full version of the platform is planned for mid-2019. If you would like to test this platform or be part of the community, please contact us!

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