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In a context of strong evolution of the industrial site (significant growth, increase in production rates, new product range), how can Industry 4.0 constitute an opportunity to reach the next milestones? What are the topics to be prioritized? How to initiate the dynamics of site transformation?


The key to the success of this type of mission is both to create desire among operational staff and to land on realistic ambitions.


The approach was “business pull” (driven by business challenges) and “push technologies” (driven by technologies). It consisted in:

  • A first step of interviews to understand the stakes of the site as well as the existing processes and organization
  • A second stage of pedagogy to explain the new technologies, their industrial maturity and their industrial use cases and then to link them to the industrial challenges of the site
  • A third step of identifying pilots/restricted perimeter volunteers to investigate the implementation of these technologies
  • A fourth stage of roadmap construction, taking into account the costs, expected benefits and the site’s capacity to absorb changes.

PoCs decided and launched


people involved


assignment months




The mission led to the development of a 12-month roadmap with the launch of 14 PoCs on different logistics, maintenance and 3 production lines. For each of the 14 PoCs, a pilot has designated himself with a defined roadmap, target cost elements and expected benefits. Of the 14 PoCs, 7 have been industrialized.

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