S&OP | Implementation of a Sales and Operations Planning process


This industrial player is experiencing a growth of over 30% and must therefore equip itself with tools and methodologies enabling it to continually review its long-term vision. This will allow him to master actions with strong strategic stakes and complex to implement (investments, human resources, stock policy, commercial policy, change management, etc.).

In this context, we supported them in setting up an S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) process.


“The S&OP process must focus on macro-volumes and macro-constraints to decide on a single plan, achievable and shared by stakeholders.”


It was first necessary to bring under control two processes that will feed the S&OP: Demand Planning and Production Planning. Once these were redefined, digitized and implemented, we were able to determine with the General Management a vision and an ambition regarding the S&OP process to be put in place.

The objectives of this approach have been synthesized and prioritized. We then listed what were the elements necessary to analyze and take decisions relating to these objectives. It was then possible to define the tools that support these processes, a RACI, a governance and to gradually set up all in agile mode.




departments represented


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The S&OP process allowed to strengthen collaboration between the departments (Marketing, Commerce, Industry, HR, Finance). Each actor now knows his perimeter, the data to be collected, the analyzes to be carried out and the decisions to be made.

The implementation was gradual, focusing first on analyzes that can be implemented without too much complexity (projection of sales forecasts, risks of stock-outs on critical components, projection of production volumes by segment, etc.).

The project resulted in a first version of S&OP which will be further developed as new tools will contribute.

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