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Our customer’s market is evolving rapidly. New entrants have emerged, market leaders have launched major technology investment programs and established strategic partnerships.

Faced with these challenges, the company’s strategy is not clear enough to the teams and management must align on a common vision. Moreover, heavy processes do not encourage initiative and risk taking.


The seminar was a true success. We ended the workshop with a list of concrete actions and took the best decisions to move forward.


Mews Partners conducted interviews with managers at board and n-1 level to understand and prioritize areas for improvement, then structured the transformation program.

We prepared and facilitated a three-day board seminar with 40 directors and managers, using our “Boost and Engage” methodology. The objective was to align management with the company’s strategy and to mobilize teams around the transformation plan. For example, an expansion strategy in services has been developed or the alliance strategy during this seminar. Experts in the telecommunications sector were brought in to provide an outsider perspective, and inspire teams.




days of seminar




Mews Partners contributed to the:

  • Structuration of the transformation program into 5 dimensions
  • Initialization of a dynamics with the transformation core team
  • Optimisation of the budget planning process
  • Definition of a target for reducing the cost of sales.

The board seminar made it possible to align management with corporate strategy, define an action plan to boost sales and penetrate new market segments.

In the end, participants were very satisfied and with a lot of energy!

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