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How to improve the interfaces between purchasing, FAL procurement, FAL logistics and quality to reduce the availability of non flying goods? Significant delays were noted in FAL in the delivery of non-avionable parts that could impact assembly and testing operations in FAL. The project was to identify Supply Chain improvement paths to improve FAL availability.


“The improvement of the quality of production lines has been made possible by the implementation of a transversal action plan.”


We have carried out a diagnosis of the purchasing – procurement – reception process for non flying goods. We brought together the key actors of the process and described the process according to the VSM (Value Stream Mapping) methodology.

This work made it possible to identify dysfunctions in the process and their root causes. For each cause, actions were recommended. This action plan covered Supply Chain topics related to information systems, organization and interface management.


benchmark of Supply Chain practices of the sector


professions involved in a core team


suppliers involved in the project




The Supply Chain action plan has been validated by a Group Steering Committee. To provide a transversal response to the areas of improvement, a new Ordering function has been deployed. It provides the interface between all the functions involved in the Supply Chain process, monitors end-to-end supplier orders, manages the logistics parameters of the material master records, anticipates the risks of delays and hazards and implements corrective actions. A real-time reporting and alert tool has been developed to support this new Ordering function.

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