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That's it, you're there !

We know that the first few days are key to enter a new company successfully. At Mews Partners we take your career path very seriously.

As soon as your contract is signed, we are in regular contact to answer your questions and guide you before your arrival. You are gradually becoming familiar with our habits and customs for a serene arrival.

On the day you join us you will meet your coach and sponsor who will facilitate your first steps with us. We try, as much as possible, to organize a common induction day for several new employees – there is nothing like arriving on the same day to build up relationships.



MewsCovery, the induction program built by our consultants for our consultants, allows sponsors to guide newcomers in their discovery of Mews.

On the day of your arrival, your sponsor will give you Mews tokens that will allow you, in the first few weeks after joining us, to contact any consultant of your choice to discover a mission, explain Mews processes and tools or experience a typical day with the consultant.

Knowing our teams better is a key to a successful integration into a new structure. Thanks to Mews integration tokens, we make your first weeks at Mews richer, more interactive and more dynamic.

Support throughout your career

Are you still hesitating? Your future coach is reaching out to you!

Thanks to three formal meetings and a multitude of informal ones during the year, the coach and his trainee create a real relationship of trust.

For example, you can discuss your training path, assignments, salary change or mobility within the firm. This allows everyone to evolve in optimal conditions of satisfaction and with the objective of building team loyalty.

We are proud that our consultants feel at home at Mews!

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