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Olivier Feingold

Senior Partner | ENSEM

Jimmy Jollois

Partner | INSA Lyon

“Our focus on data, their life cycle and their use allows us to concretize and understand our transformation approach.”

Olivier Feingold

Senior Partner | ENSEM

Olivier Feingold beschäftigte sich zunächst als Prozessingenieur, Qualitätsverantwortlicher, Projektleiter PLM und Projektleiter Produktentwicklung mit betrieblichen Funktionen in der Industrie (Energiesektor, Elektrobranche). 2002 wechselte er zu Mews Partners, wo er in den Sektoren Energie, Luft- und Raumfahrt, Schiffsbau, Automotive, Elektronik und Ausrüstung zahlreiche Expertenfunktionen ausfüllt, unter anderem bei Schwerpunktthemen wie Performance der Entwicklungsprozesse, Umsetzung von „Data Driven organization and information systems management“

Jimmy Jollois

Partner | INSA Lyon

Jimmy begann seine Karriere 1999 bei Deloitte Consulting, später umbenannt in Kurt Salmon. Er hat an Themen zur Leistungssteigerung in den Bereichen Forschung und Entwicklung sowie Supply Chain für Kunden aus den Bereichen Automobil, Luftfahrt, Transport und B2B-Dienstleistungen gearbeitet. Anschließend wechselte er zu Themen der digitalen Transformation, indem er 2011 an der Entwicklung des Beratungsunternehmens OCMA Group mitwirkte. Jimmy kam im Juli 2015 zu Mews Partners, um Angebote im Zusammenhang mit IT-Performance und digitaler Transformation zu entwickeln, einschließlich Aspekte im Zusammenhang mit IOT und Industry 4.0.

Digitalization has pushed the managers to implement major transformation projects. In many cases, these projects, driven by the business lines, have been dissociated from the information systems, even though they share one essential element in common: data. The time for convergence and synchronization is coming and companies that do not pay enough attention to it will lose their competitiveness.

Data management rationalization (MDM) and enterprise architecture vision should facilitate these evolutions. In some cases, this vision must integrate industrial IT to ensure consistency and efficiency that enable digital continuity.


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Aligning IT strategy with digital and business priorities

The first structuring element to be captured is the need of the business lines. A challenge exists to sort upstream in order not to over-sell the IT department, to synchronize the IT roadmaps with the digital priorities of the business lines, to strengthen the involvement of the business line in the IT governance and to change the positioning of the IT department to provide a better business value offer. The IT department, where appropriate, must have the capacity to innovate and rapidly industrialize these needs.

Mastering the complexity and evolution of IT by focusing on data

The evolution of information systems has become a crucial issue. Their sometimes erratic development to meet urgent needs without real vision has increased complexity and now limits its scalability. Sharing a vision of end-to-end data flow (continuity) and defining business data macro models are essential to achieve the implementation of standardization principles in order to reduce TCO, increase agility and manage “make or buy” issues.

Our approach

We know how to adapt to the strict needs of our clients and we value our independence in order to deliver our opinions in complete transparency. We intervene to carry out your governance diagnosis, organize your master plan and transformation roadmap, but also to support your projects and activities directly until your objectives are reached.



Carry out a diagnosis of IT governance.


Project performance

Support the implementation of portfolio management and effective project management.


Data management

Carry out a data management diagnosis.


Master plan

Define and build the company’s multi-year IT roadmap, aligned with business needs.


Services performance

Optimize the performance of operations while controlling costs.

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