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The European Space Agency (ESA) is leading an initiative called “Space Acting for Decarbonization” to help the Buildings and Energy & Utilities sectors reduce their carbon emissions, and those of their ecosystem. The objective is to identify mid & long-term actions where Space technologies can support the green transition and decarbonization of the economy.

ESA has called on Mews Partners and London Economics to build the bridge between Space products & services and the Buildings and Energy & Utilities sectors’ needs.

The first step is to understand the decarbonization drivers and the needs in terms of data & technologies for these industries to achieve decarbonization goals. The information will be collected through interviews, surveys and a workshop with actors of the two sectors.

The second step will consist in identifying potential space based technologies and services that can provide the required data and information.


So if you work in the Buildings or Energy & Utilities sector, let us help your sector by completing this survey below to:

  • Understand your short-, mid- and long-term strategy regarding decarbonization
  • Identify your main drivers: Factors that affect your industry and can lead to an increase or decrease of CO2 emissions
  • Identify your main levers: Actions in the value chain that you can take to reduce CO2
  • Understand the role of data to achieve the decarbonization objectives inside your company and industry
  • Define use cases where data contributes to decarbonization
  • Understand your need for additional / new technologies to help decreasing CO2 emissions

The results of the project will be shared with the participants.
For more information about the project: SA4D.





space decarbonisation_Lothar Weberring
space decarbonisation_Margot Paillart

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