From products to services delivered by connected systems of systems in a context of disrupted supply chains, the Automotive industry is currently undergoing significant transformations


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A shifting landscape

The Automobile sector is currently experiencing a series of simultaneous transformations that are fundamentally altering the very essence of the product, which becomes a service, as well as how it is designed, manufactured, and evolves over time.

  • The emergence of the connected vehicle is creating a platform for innovative services to be developed and commercialized post-delivery, but also introduces new risks for both vehicle and driver
  • The rapid growth of autonomous functions is revolutionizing the relationship between drivers and their vehicles, and triggers legal & infrastructure evolution challenges
  • What once were hardware products are becoming software-driven systems requiring a centralization of architectures to be economically performant
  • Environmental concerns and regulations are compelling all stakeholders to find innovative solutions to develop “Green” vehicles and the associated infrastructure to reduce emissions along the whole lifecycle
  • Global supply-chain strategies are being deeply reconsidered to secure production, following major disruptive worldwide events
  • Product renewal and evolution cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, markets are moving towards emerging countries where competition is fierce, and cost pressures on OEMs and suppliers are at an all-time high, leaving no room for error or delay in addressing these critical challenges

These massive challenges represent also great opportunities, as the industry is poised for significant growth in the years ahead, and as stakeholders invest in new technologies and services that will shape the future of transportation.

Taking The Turn

The automotive industry is at a crucial turning point, with the success of OEMs and other players in the sector hinging on their ability to drive an effective and sustainable transformation. At Mews Partners, we’re committed to supporting these leading actors as they navigate this complex landscape and prepare for what’s next.

With our extensive expertise and experience, we are dedicated to helping our clients answer the most pressing questions of the moment: How to adapt our structure and cultivate the skills needed to develop software-centric products with centralized architectures? How to implement & fully leverage digital continuity to develop faster and ensure full traceability? How to efficiently leverage our collected data to improve our products and services? How to develop products having a significantly lower environmental impact over the whole lifecycle?

We understand that the road ahead for the automotive industry is complex and constantly evolving. That’s why we see ourselves as more than just consultants, but as trusted copilots working alongside our clients to navigate challenges, identify opportunities, and chart a course for success.

Model Based Engineering and PLM

Implement centralized system architectures and digital continuity to master the complexity of modern vehicles

Data governance, analytics & AI

Leverage data to improve efficiency, provide new services even after vehicle launch and improve products´ performance and quality

R&D Performance, Agility & Innovation

Improve performance, lead time and flexibility of innovation and development cycles while boosting the motivation of development teams

Supply Chain performance

Transform your supply chain to adapt to global trends, mitigate global supply risks and optimize costs & CO2 emissions

Environmental performance

Significantly reduce your products’ environmental impact leveraging eco-design, circular economy & industrial system optimization

Case studies

A team of experts

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