Mews Labs

Mews Labs

Our Data Science & AI lab, led by a team of research engineers with strong connections to French research laboratories. ”

Mews Labs

Experts in Data and Complex Modeling

In 2021, Eurobios, one of the leaders in the French market for modeling and Data Science, joined Mews Partners. Founded in 1999, this consulting and solution development company helps improve business processes and strategic decision-making. This acquisition gave birth to the Mews Labs project.

By expanding our presence in Data Science, we offer our clients an even more comprehensive range of services, from analyzing business issues to solving complex problems.

Data Science & AI for Complex Problem Solving

By combining the expertise of Eurobios with that of Mews Partners and the industry knowledge of our consultants, Mews Labs provides greater added value to our clients by helping them solve complex problems and implementing efficient and innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Data management, data science methodology; Deployment of AI algorithms aimed at business impact.

Multi-Factor Optimization

Implementation of optimization methods to find solutions to complex problems that cannot be handled manually.

Simulation of Complex Systems

Simulation of processes/systems and scenario evaluation for optimization, prediction, and testing of results.

Optimization of Routes & Operational Planning

Optimization of short/medium/long-term activities; Modeling of resources and assets, cost analysis, and reduction.

Case studies

A team of experts

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