Consumer Goods & Agri-Food

The sector is undergoing a major transformation, driven by the increasing cost of energy and societal as well as regulatory pressures to reduce environmental impact. This applies throughout the value chain, from the farmer to the distributor, including the processing industry.

Consumer Goods & Agri-Food

Consumer Goods & Agroalimentaire - cabinet de conseil

Multiple and Sometimes Contradictory Challenges

The four main challenges are:

  1. Adapting to the growing societal and regulatory expectations regarding environmental impact: agronomic practices (inputs, HVE/CRC certification…), ingredient quality, product packaging, production tools, short supply chains…
  2. Reducing energy consumption, finding sustainable energy sources, striving for energy efficiency
  3. Ensuring product quality and adapting to regulatory requirements, all at a fair cost
  4. Leading change management and skill adaptation

Which Levers to Address These Challenges?

  1. Define and implement structured approaches to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact
  2. Innovate in product design and service development
  3. Ensure better data management, traceability, and continuity from suppliers to end consumers
  4. Accelerate digital transformation to gain efficiency
  5. Establish an agile and resilient supply chain
  6. Provide team support, mobilize, unite, and train

Transforming Practices

Approach supported by analysis tools and decision-making support to transform agricultural practices

Innovation Portfolio Management


Techniques for product and service innovation and eco-design

Process Efficiency

Analysis of efficiency in business and cross-functional processes (R&D, Production, Logistics...)

Data and Traceability

Management of data and product traceability through PLM and MDM (Master Data Management) processes and tools

Supply Chain Efficiency Approach

Decarbonization of Facilities

Change Management

Helping transformation

Case studies

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A team of experts

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