Supply Chain

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain is strategic for the Industry.
It ensures its operation and sets it apart in the market.”

supply chain

Competitive advantage and competitiveness Lever

Few companies in Europe still fully benefit from their Supply Chain. Yet, a recent study has shown that companies most advanced in implementing Supply Chain best practices are among the most profitable in their sector. An optimized Supply Chain impacts both the result (cost reduction, limitation of disruptions) and the balance sheet (reduction of Working Capital Requirement through inventory optimization). It also allows for capturing and retaining new customers.

6 Pillars for a responsive, efficient and sustainable Supply Chain

To assist our clients in defining and implementing their Supply Chain, we have an approach centered around 6 pillars. This approach ensures consistency between the company’s strategic decisions and its processes. We take care to establish Supply Chain processes and organizations tailored to each company’s challenges.

Strategic Plan

Adapt the logistics network, infrastructure, and processes to the company's development strategy.

Road to Market

Analyze the value chain to determine the most suitable distribution strategy for addressing a market.

Supply Chain Models

Design operational models tailored to the characteristics of different product segments (MTO vs. MTS, push vs. pull).

S&OP: Forecasts, Planning, Inventory Management

Incorporate sales forecasts to plan resources and inventory to improve service levels and costs.

Organization and Logistics Performance, Transport

Digitize processes, seek innovative processes in warehouses/transport, and benefit from mechanization.


Integrating sustainability at all levels of the supply chain to reduce its environmental, social and economic impact.

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