Despite recent crisis, civil Aeronautics relies on a growing market trend with a forecast of doubling commercial fleet by 2040. The sector shows its dynamism through an increased competition, with new manufacturers challenging historical players and smaller actors pioneering sustainable aviation.


Develop competitive and sustainable products & services

The 4 main challenges of the civil Aeronautics industry:

  1. Lessen environmental footprint to answer growing society expectations; acting on design, manufacturing, supply chain, circular economy
  2. Foster innovation to target the next generation aircraft, by leading technological breakthroughs (greener propulsion, cabin & cockpit, ATM, IFE, on ground operations…)
  3. Increase production flexibility and Secure supply of critical material to be resilient to successions of production ramp-down and ramp-up due to more frequent crisis (Covid, geopolitical tensions,…)
  4. Develop services, relying on data management and new partnerships

Which levers to cope with these challenges?

  1. Integrate all the disciplines and key suppliers together to Co-Develop at the same time Product, Industrial System & Services with a global optimum target in terms of values (profitability, performance, manufacturability, operability, sustainability…)
  2. Anticipate offer diversity, standardize integration & interfaces, deploy product line approaches to maximize communality & master variability
  3. Take benefits from models & simulations (surrogate, high fidelity, digital twin) to gain leadtime in the early phases and streamline the testing phases
  4. Develop a performant Industrial System and an agile & resilient Supply Chain
  5. Leverage value from the data
  6. Develop people skills & motivation

Co-Develop better & Deliver faster

Integrate disciplines, find global optimum, foster product line, use models, deploy agile & DevOps, leverage automation & robotics.

Promote innovation to face new usages

Anticipate unconventional aircraft, Enhance cockpit, Improve cabin, Innovate on-ground operations.

Pioneer sustainable aviation

Promote eco-design, decarbonize operations, foster circularity, influence regulations and rely on green enablers.

Leverage value from the data

Boost data science, foster digital thread, attract digital skills, master data cybersecurity, monetize data, digitalize activities.

Foster collaboration with Extended Enterprise

Integrate suppliers in Co-Development, exchange technical data across phases, build resilient supply chain & flexible production.

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