Industrial performance

Industrial performance

Mobilize human capital for a responsible industrial transformation by activating all technical, human and digital levers

Performance industrielle

Enhance industrial performance

Our vision of the key issues faced by Chief Industrial Officers :

Produce planned volumes on time, in quality, safely, competitively and sustainably
• Monitor and control performance (facilities, materials, energy) and productivity
• Develop organizational agility
• Improve performance of support functions: maintenance, quality, planning, HR, etc.

Prepare industrial resources for strategic challenges and major business changes
• Integrate the development of relevant production technologies, systems and concepts
• Optimize investments
• Involve staff in the development of skills and organizations
• Anticipate risks linked to technical and organizational breakthroughs

Manage the environmental transition of operations
• Define and implement the plant decarbonization roadmap
• Involve suppliers in reducing the global carbon footprint
• Adapt products, processes and practices to the challenges of sobriety and efficiency

Succeed in product development and industrialization
• Integrate industrial constraints at the design stage
• Involve operational teams

Conduct a robust digital transformation
• Ensure secure, scalable IT architecture
• Deploy digital solutions to improve performance and quality of life at work
• Ensure data traceability and digital continuity

Ensure team commitment and cohesion
• Provide a meaning, a clear path, and supports for managers
• Develop industrial profession attractiveness

A value proposition broken down into 7 business skills

In order to support our customers in their industrial transformation, our value proposition is structured around 7 business skills: Industrial Master Plan, Production Performance, Organizational Flexibility, Investment and Industrialization, Maintenance Performance, Digitization and Industrial Information System Management, Change Management in Industrial Environment.

Industrial master plan

Co-design with management the target operating model for the next 3 to 5 years and outline the implementation trajectory from the current state

Production performance

Improve process repeatability by mastering all its technical, methodological, organizational, performance management and training components

Organizational flexibility

Improve production sites' ability to adapt to variations in activity: organizational flexibility, versatility, mobility

Investment and industrialization

Integrate development production constraints, optimize Capex (design to cost) and secure start-up phases

Maintenance performance

Achieve a high level of plant reliability and safety, while optimizing OPEX and CAPEX employed

Digitization and Industrial IS Management

Align Information System functionalities and digital tools with the requirements of operational teams

Plant change management

Involve key actors of the plant in the transformation process, anticipating the consequences and controlling the risks

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