Data & Modeling

Data & Modeling

Harnessing and deploying data analysis modeling, and complex system simulation to enhance operational performance. ”

Data & Modélisation

Data Performance

Data exploitation is fundamental for making informed decisions, identifying growth opportunities, or optimizing business and operational processes.

This exploitation is only possible with effective data governance, ensuring data quality over time, and the deployment of advanced algorithms or Artificial Intelligence embedded at the core of operations to make the organization data-driven, more responsive, and higher-performing.

Operational data governance, prioritizing critical data, leads to a visible and swift return on investment. This governance is accompanied by ongoing efforts to improve data quality.

Data exploitation simultaneously offers numerous competitive advantages, such as gaining a better understanding of customers and delivering products and services better suited to their needs. Furthermore, data utilization and data-driven decision-making enable real-time monitoring of equipment performance, optimizing maintenance and repairs, operations, risk reduction, and cost savings. Advanced predictive AI models can be operationally deployed within organizations to make better decisions and accelerate internal processes.

Our Expertise in Activating Operational Data

Our offering encompasses all the expertise required for the success of data projects. We assist our clients in governance and organizational components, data engineering, data science and algorithms, modeling and simulation, and constraint optimization. We provide cross-functional teams that combine project approach, business vision, and mathematical skills to solve the most complex problems.

Data Governance

Harnessing data demands a high level of quality, supported by specific governance and the deployment of tailored methodologies.

Mews Data Factory

A project approach, operational results in 3 months through an industrial data approach with a focus on business, by an integrated team of business and data experts.

Data Science

Advanced skills in data engineering and data science to support our clients' data teams.

Control Tower

Integrating a data-driven strategy through process review and tooling, and the deployment of visualization and control tools.

Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and simulating complex systems by high-level experts in mathematics, physics, and system modeling.

Digital Transformation and Data

Deploying digital and data-driven approaches through an organizational change vision (training, skills, and methods).

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