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At Mews Partners, more than just a firm, you join a real family!

Founded in 1992, Mews Partners has given great career prospects to their consultants and the company has grown together as a team, new comers as well as senior consultants enjoy this family spirit.

We won the first place in the ranking Happy@Work in our own category. Our team spirit is what we experience everyday because we have managed to create such a bright and friendly working environment.

Trainees, young graduates, consultants, managers, all have a say in the decisions that enhance the development of the company.

We have also been rewarded with the 2018 Happy Trainees award by our trainees. Proper responsibilities within exciting and varied projects will be given to you once you join us.

Interested so far? Please do take a look at our offers and learn more about us and the career prospects that may entice you.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading about us and we look forward to meeting you!



We are looking for transformation pioneers for our teams in Hamburg and Munich. Take a look at our Job Offer and apply!

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    Behind the scenes - Feedback from our teams

    “October 2016: end of student life, beginning of consultant life… but not just any one. Consultant at Mews Partners!

    Once I graduated, I joined the Innovation entity and no time to get bored! On my second day, I had already met the client.

    For me, that’s Mews: trusting your teams, giving them autonomy and responsibilities, even to juniors. We are given the opportunity to develop skills very quickly. In fact, in 2 years I have already been able to carry out missions for 6 clients on various subjects such as participating in the deployment of a PLM project, setting up Obeyas or supporting the change for a project of international scope impacting 20,000 users.

    For me, that’s also Mews: working with a variety of customers and being able to team up on many challenging projects, whether they are PLM, Lean Management or Digital oriented.

    Finally, being a consultant at Mews is also a great atmosphere guaranteed in our open plan office, at parties or other events of all kinds.

    For me, that’s also Mews: meeting new people and building strong relationships.”

    Camille Ladousse


    Camille Ladousse

    “I joined the Mews tribe in August 2011 after a short year of professional experience. I was then co-opted by a friend who told me about a small firm with a good atmosphere, concrete missions and involved Partners. Let’s go!

    Since then, I have had the impression of growing up to the rhythm of Mews: at high speed! And now I’m a manager!

    I had the chance to vary the industrial sectors and the types of assignments, to take part in the structuring of the firm that Mews is today, to be coached and confronted with a whole bunch of challenges with Partners who are always attentive to my wishes for development!

    “I joined the Mews tribe after a first experience in consulting, motivated by former colleagues who told me about a firm on a human scale, with a great atmosphere, missions of expertise and committed partners.

    For me, Mews Partners is a clever balance that allows me to feel both supervised by leaders in their fields, and at the same time autonomous in my services to our clients. Mews provides the necessary framework in my progression, but also the freedom to develop my entrepreneurial spirit by participating in the structuring and growth of the firm through recruitment and business development, for example.

    Indeed, Mews Partners is also a human adventure: consultants are involved both in their consulting missions and in the life of the company through outings, parties and internal projects, in line with our societal issues. : let us quote Green@Mews for sustainable development, WeHuman@Mews for the well-being of consultants, Solidarity@Mews for the associative component or Mews Academy, our university to continue learning throughout your career!”

    François Vergnet

    Senior Manager

    François Vergnet

    “December 5, 2016, turning point in my career… After 13 years spent in various operational positions in engineering, I joined the consulting world as a Manager at Mews. To be honest, I had never thought of working in this field before I met Mews.

    It was the beginning of a beautiful human adventure, a trademark so dear to Mews.

    For me, Mews is an enriching, stimulating environment with a common desire to move the firm forward and meet the challenges of our clients.

    The opportunity to work on various projects and motivating topics with different clients.

    The opportunity to grow and develop your skills again and again, thanks to the Mews Academy.

    Mews is also the possibility to propose and develop subjects in complete autonomy and to participate in internal projects.

    Reciprocal help between consultants and easy-to-reach partners invested in our missions.

    Moments together between consultants (kick-offs, weekends away, monthly outings) but also enthusiastic meetings.

    Work, rigor again and again to support trustworthy clients.

    In short, to sum it all up, working at Mews is so inspiring! ”

    Maud Menuet


    Maud Menuet

    Our internal projects

    These internal projects, on the initiative of our consultants, are supported by them through concrete actions and awareness-raising initiatives:

    • Green@Mews

    Environmental commitments aimed at reducing our waste or reusing it, encouraging eco-friendly mobility and promoting sensible digital use.

    • Solidarity@Mews

    Solidarity commitments in the form of sponsorship, pro bono missions and various actions with associations (such as food drives, books, …) or participation in their campaigns (DuoDay, Culture Prioritaire, …).

    • WeHumans@Mews

    Commitments to our employees to ensure respect for work-life balance, support parenthood, achieve greater gender equality and fight against discrimination.

    Our school ambassadors

    Stéphane Gautrot

    Jean-Sébastien Gros

    Gilles Cyprès

    Adrien Gros

    Roch Leclair

    Louis Perrot

    Mikaël Pichavant

    Louis Fagot

    Aymeline Martin

    Gabrielle Jeanblanc

    David Bécourt

    Augustin Jacquelin

    Augustin Demelier

    Florent Tonneville

    Vianney d’Ussel

    Noélie Paillard

    Madleen Bultez

    Olivia Martin

    Valentine Barret

    Raphaël Chevrier

    Fannie Fradcourt

    Julien Perrone

    Frédéric Miazga

    Sabine Dehais

    Romain De Bona

    Christophe Bressange

    Sixtine Federspiel

    Camille Ladousse

    Cecile Lauroua


    Interview with Stéphane Gautrot, Managing Partner


    Behind the scenes of Mews Partners.

    Happy at Work


    For the third year in a row!

    Afterwork Mews Partners in Toulouse


    On the 21st of November 2018, we organized our first Student-Consultant Afterwork in our Toulouse office.

    Consulting firms, how to attract young graduates?


    Interview with Flavien Lamarque, Managing Partner, and Izabela Rokicka, Recruitment and Talent Manager by Supply Chain Magazine as part of a focus on the recruitment of young graduates.

    Interview in the magazine La Jaune et La Rouge


    Our Group Managing Partner, Stéphane Gautrot was interviewed in the consulting supplement of the magazine La Jaune et La Rouge.

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