Facing competition from e-commerce giants and evolving customer expectations, the retail industry is undergoing a revolution. To thrive, the sector must reinvent itself by developing new services, product offerings, and an omnichannel strategy.


Retail - distribution

Omnichannel and Agility

Retailers are confronted with numerous challenges: the growth of e-commerce, enhancing the customer experience and omnichannel capabilities, exploring new sourcing zones, and the increasing need for storage space. Additionally, the time cycles in this sector are becoming shorter, making it risky to engage in lengthy projects that could render it obsolete.

Old models must evolve agilely to adapt to these paradigm shifts. The leaders of tomorrow will have moved swiftly, invested more, and placed the customer at the center of their transformation.

The omnichannel supply chain of retailers is an undeniable lever for growth and market share. It should enable the delivery of a robust, agile, and reliable omnichannel customer promise. We assist our clients in designing their supply chain master plan and its operational implementation across processes, organization, tools, and corporate culture.

Cross-functional Supply Chain and logistics excellence

We believe it’s necessary to break down the traditional silos of retail (Network / offering / logistics). For the supply chain to be efficient, it must be designed as omnichannel and end-to-end, from suppliers to stores and customers. The focus areas are supply chain, application and functional architecture, and data management. Networks should be designed as omnichannel, considering all service offerings to be met. All activity information must be shared and utilized effectively to anticipate needs and optimize inventory distribution. In terms of logistics execution, new technologies drive performance and flexibility. The design of IT architecture is also a key performance lever. Lastly, data management, product data, and activity data are crucial for smooth and optimal operations.

Omnichannel Strategic Plan

Define service offerings for the internal network or external clients. Define stock scheme and product flows.

Logistics S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning)

Anticipate needs for efficient logistics execution. We have adapted industrial S&OP to the needs of retailers.

Distribution Plan

Optimize activity data utilization and consider business constraints to deliver just what stores need.


Offering differentiated service year-round often relies on mechanized processes.

Logistics Partnership

Because logistic outsourcing is often seen as a commodity purchase, we prefer to talk about partnerships!

IT Strategic Plan

Capitalize and innovate; these are the two keywords of our projects. Make the most of historical solutions and market opportunities.

Data driven

How to structure access to company data and how to best use this data to boost processes.

Case studies

A team of experts

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