Our approach to Innovation is systemic and concrete: focusing resources on issues that matter and overcoming all obstacles, from the idea to its realization


Reinventing Innovation Management

The rules of the Game are constantly evolving in a world that is increasingly complex, connected, fast and exposed to systemic phenomena. Quickly adapting to this environment puts innovation under strong constraints and requires reinventing its management.

Innovation is not just one great idea. It is the result of a complicated journey, full of difficulties linked most of the time to “friction with reality”: external reality (market, users, competitors, suppliers) but also internal reality of the company, always complex, where the different stakeholders have diverging cultures, agendas, habits and objectives.

At Mews Partners, our commitment is to approach innovation from a systemic and integrative perspective, focusing on key areas in a concrete and operational way.

To achieve this, we leverage our deep understanding of the whole product lifecycle and the corresponding business processes… With one conviction at the heart of our approach: culture and people are key to succeed.

A successful journey to innovation

We focus on 6 major innovation performance axes:

  • Unlock innovation potential with an end-to-end approach
  • Build a profound innovation culture to engage people
  • Embed design-to-value-and-cost principles into innovation practices
  • Be agile to deal with complexity and uncertainty
  • Make real breakthroughs towards greenness and social responsibility
  • Leverage Data and Deeptech to boost innovation

Innovation Capability Diagnosis

Assess all dimensions of innovation capabilities: strategy, organization, processes, digital tools, culture and engagement

Start and scale

Enable exponential growth by removing all roadblocks all along the scale-up journey and fueling innovation with selected best practices

Innovation process continuity

Eliminate or smoothen disruptions and handovers all along the innovation process and with other business processes

Innovation roadmap & portfolio

Synchronize the R&T portfolio with Business Strategy and Product planning, and optimize expanses vs benefits

Engage people to innovation

Share a common vision, build an ambidextrous organization and ensure that everyone understands how to contribute

Innovate with customers

Engage customers in a professional and efficient way to get clear feedback, identify their constraints and benefit from their ideas

Innovate with ecosystems

Develop partners’ engagement by managing knowledge, skills, resources and collaboration according to innovation strategy

Innovate to green & more social

Be ahead and bring disruptions into business to deliver fully green products and services by a systemic approach

Innovate to value & cost

Design and deliver more innovative products while preserving margins through effective programs and early understanding of costs

Innovation & Agile

Leverage Agility to boost Innovation (and vice-versa) by a real integration of Innovation in the same Value Stream as standard projects

Innovate with Data & Deeptech

Be able to leverage data and state of the art digital technologies to invent new products and services and increase added value

Product strategy

Design and launch new products with reduced time-to-market and unique offering in a consistent product line

Case studies

A team of experts

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