Industrial equipment

Green & Digital transformation, dynamic regulations and customer needs challenge machinery manufacturers and customers more than ever before.

Industrial equipment

Équipements industriels - cabinet de conseil

Innovation and collaboration across the value chain

The industrial equipment sector offers complex products engineered to respond to diverse, specific customer needs in small to huge series while maintaining economies of scale and ensuring technical and commercial performance also for lot size 1.


With new competitors entering the market, European players are in constant need to innovate their products and services (after-sales, digitalization), while complying with constantly evolving strict standards. Understanding customer demands is crucial as tailored solutions are expected with minimized lead times and optimized costs.


Cost pressure demands constant innovation of operational processes across the value chain; from engineering, supply chain and manufacturing all the way to service, aftersales and upgrade/retrofit needs. Fragmented markets with often highly specified participants require presence and collaboration within companies or company networks around the globe to be able to meet expected lead times, assess local market needs, maintain standards as well as cost efficient value chain.


As resource consumption is vital for all industries to reducing their ecological footprint, specific challenges are to be addressed such as navigating circular economy and integrated products with flexible services for dynamic stakeholders and regulatory demands.

Addressing the demands of an ever-changing industry

The constant drive for innovation and efficiency needs to be applied throughout the product lifecycle. Driven by customer success, industrial actors relentlessly search for differentiating products and services improvements at every step of the way to remain competitive.

The complexity and diversity of products and services generated by the industry foster the need to develop a PLM strategy, enabling the management of technical data across the entire value chain of the products and services.

Besides product development transformation, new processes to reach operational excellence must also be defined. The objective is to support the increasing diversity of products and services and to be able to deliver everything, everywhere at any time.​

To support the industry development, and address the challenges faced by the Machinery sector, businesses need to not only transform their organization and processes, but also their digital tools. A digitalized toolset that operates with enhanced performance, ready to face the current global challenges (production increase, internationalization, integration of entire supply chain, …).

R&D Performance

Boost engineering performance with innovative, collaborative methods. Master complexity of variants and mechatronic products.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Ensure digital continuity across value chain & sites. Structure product and service data to focus on added-value activities.

Operations & Supply Chain

Optimize and ensure a reliable supply chain to provide maximum performance and the best delivery of products & services.

Digital transformation & IT performance

Digital transformation requires end-to-end handling, from redefining IT business processes to managing IT projects.

Case studies

A team of experts

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