Life Sciences

Life Sciences industry has to transform their operational strategies to face new challenges: increase of value and services provided to patients, reliability of supply to answer market demand, price competitiveness, increasing regulations constraints, post-COVID industrial sovereignty and environmental performance.

Life Sciences

Remain competitive while focusing on patients

The main challenges of Life Sciences industry are:

Remain competitive & Improve reliability

  • Reduce time to market while developing new products & services focus on patients
  • Reduce distribution lead time and supply shortage to answer market demand

Remain compliant

  • Avoid any degradation of the brand image caused by non-compliance issues
  • Be reactive and agile to deal with evolutive regulations.

Answer sovereignty challenges & improve industrial setups

  • Optimize industrial strategy
  • Increase production capabilities and process efficiency
  • Develop and structure external partnerships

Drive digital transformation to bring value & efficiency

  • Boost data analytics to improve patient care
  • Place data at the heart of internal & external business processes improvement

Embrace ESG challenges

  • Change Business Model to answer customer & market expectations on ESG
  • Comply and anticipate ESG and environmental regulations and engage external third party through ESG performance

People at the heart of the organization

  • Attract, retain, and develop talents
  • Engage people within the company transformation

Which levers to face these challenges?

We support Life Sciences industrial companies such as Pharma Labs, CDMO, CMO, medical devices providers and Biotech start-ups to improve their operational performance on R&D, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, by leveraging our expertise on Digital & Data Transformation, Carbon footprint & Environmental performance, Operational Excellence and People transformation

R&D performance

R&D project efficiency, PLM - Product & Process data consistency, Digital Lab, R&D IS tools

Manufacturing performance

- Industrial Strategy, Production process efficiency & reliability, Energy consumption reduction, Industry 4.0 & IS tools
- Operational Excellence

Supply Chain performance

Supply Chain Strategy, Supply Chain Planning (S&OP, demand plan, inventory management & production planning), Procurement & suppliers’ performance, Supply Chain IS tools

Digital & Data Transformation

Data & Digital transformation roadmap, End-to-End Data Continuity, Data Governance for Data Quality, Data Science & AI

Carbon footprint & Environmental performance

Carbon footprint evaluation & Environmental performance roadmap, Implementation of environmental levers (R&D, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, external partners)

People transformation

- Organisation & Operating Models in line with company “purpose”
- Managerial & Leadership Development, Talents & Skills management
- Collective performance & People empowerment and autonomy

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